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Asking Victor Soares Faria

RWTH Business School: Why did you decide for the MME TIME program from RWTH Business School?

Victor: I was initially looking for MBA programs at multiple universities. During my search I found the MME TIME program, which has a strong business administration curriculum, but also offers different streams of technical subjects in addition to the management subjects. This blend of management and engineering offered by one of the best engineering schools in Europe, caught my attention and helped me decide to go through this path.

RWTH Business School: What do you like the most about the MME TIME program?

Victor: The structure of the course is very smart, where students prepare for each subject’s weekly class by watching videos, reading articles and studying material from the online platform. By going to class prepared, the professors were able to engage the students in nice discussions and make the sessions more interactive. We had to prepare multiple presentations and write papers over the course of the Master’s as well, which improves presentation and writing skills that can be applied for sure in any future job. I also really liked the fact that all subjects were taught by very qualified professors and referenced established academic work. The course has a nice structure that follows a storyline, so the concepts from one subject are further explored in the subsequent subjects. I really liked this because it helped me retaining the information much better than during my previous academic experience.

RWTH Business School: How is it like living in Aachen or in Germany in general?

Victor: Aachen is a small, very beautiful historical city full of students. It is located in the tri-border region between Germany, the Netherlands and Belgium, so there are lots of opportunities to explore the area. I really liked the atmosphere of the city and it was a pleasure to live there. They have the best Christmas market in Germany, which cannot be missed.

Germany is a very organized country, with great transport, health system and education. The engineering tradition in this country is famous for good reasons, so living and studying at RWTH Aachen University was definitely something special.

RWTH Business School: What did you learn during the MME TIME program, which is important to be professionally and personally successful?

Victor: Before joining the MME TIME program, my view of the corporate world was limited to one organization and its ecosystem. During the Master, we were exposed to case studies and practical examples from multiple organizations acting in very diverse industry domains. This exposure allowed me not only to develop new sets of skills that are more broadly applicable, but also to find out exactly which skill sets I already possessed, that could be transferable. One of the reasons I decided to do a Master’s degree was exactly to change industries. Therefore this professional development is directly linked to my personal life. In addition, the Master’s cohort was very diverse, with a good range of cultural and professional backgrounds. Exchanging experiences and talking to different people with different backgrounds is the best way, in my opinion, to see things from a different perspective. So to me, the MME TIME was a perfect fit, both professionally and personally.

RWTH Business School: What has been your greatest challenge?

Victor: Though the Master is fully taught in English, there are still a lot of locals in Aachen who do not speak English. When I first arrived I did not know how to speak German, so it was definitely a challenge with a lot of time spent in google translator. I really enjoy learning new languages, so the challenge turned to fun after a while. To prepare for the last semester of the course, I started searching for companies that offered internships which allowed for collaboration with the Master Thesis. This was a very challenging process: preparing the CV, searching and sending motivation letters to multiple positions, and not always getting a positive response. Similarly to the language challenge, RWTH Business School also provides a very good support. They help connect the students with companies through internal events and career fairs, as well as provide assistance with the required documentation and training for interviews. Thanks to this support, after some time of searching, I was able to secure two offers. One was an internship that would allow me to work on my thesis, in Germany, and the other was a permanent job position in the Netherlands. After some consideration I decided to accept the permanent job offer, and do the thesis in parallel. Working a full time job and doing the thesis simultaneously was a challenge, but I was able to overcome it with hard work.

RWTH Business School: What does the MME TIME program mean for you and your future?

Victor: The MME TIME to me means opportunity. The knowledge acquired, coupled with the name and tradition of the university will continue to open doors for my professional future.

RWTH Business School: What should future students know about the MME TIME program? / What is your advice to those interested in the MME TIME program?

Victor: Although the MME TIME was a new program when I started in 2017, it was very carefully put together by competent professors, with a great curriculum. In addition, RWTH Business School provides great support and networking to students looking for a professional opportunity in Europe. My advice to those interested in the MME TIME program is to talk to current students and alumni and ask for their firsthand experience. They will testify to the course and how RWTH Aachen is a strong name that can open many doors.

RWTH Business School: Describe the MME TIME program in one word!

Victor: Opportunity.

For more information about our award-winning blended-learning M.Sc. Management & Engineering in Technology, Innovation, Marketing and Entrepreneurship (MME TIME) at Germany’s leading technical university RWTH Aachen please follow this link:

Studierender Victor Soares Faria im Portrait

Victor, 33
from Columbia,
studied the program
together with his wife,
successfully finished the program and
found a full-time job immediately
at ASML Netherlands