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An MBA generally equips you with all the essential management skills, methods and tools to acquire a responsible position in the business world. The goal is to develop your personality and strengthen your strengths by building on your previous professional experiences. At RWTH Business School, you will get even more than that. Our MBA programs force a unique technology focus through the excellent teaching at one of Europe's most renowned technical universities: RWTH Aachen University.

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Full-Time MBA Digitalization & Industrial Change

Full-Time MBA Digitalization & Industrial Change
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Executive MBA Technology Management (German)

Executive MBA Technology Management

BenefitsWhy RWTH Business School?

Career Service

We support your career on the international job market


Develop a network of likeminded people that will last a lifetime

RWTH Aachen Campus

Explore a technology hub in the heart of Europe

AASCB accredited

Enjoy the renowned teaching quality of the Faculty of Business and Economics at RWTH Aachen University

German Language Courses

Broaden your cultural understanding and enhance your career options


We support talent with diverse scholarships

Learning Experience

We offer you a modern blended learning environment

Top-class lecturers

Learn from the best and most renowned professors

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EventsUpcoming Info-Sessions

Info-Session M.Sc. Sustainability Management (On-Demand)

The importance of sustainability and environmental management will grow strongly in the coming decades. For this reason, we have introduced the new ma...

Info-Session M.Sc. Data Analytics & Decision Science (On-Demand)

Data Analysts, Data Managers and Data Scientists are becoming increasingly important in industry and service companies. With the right skills and an u...

Info-Session and Sample Lecture - "Collaborating for Sustainable Innovation" (On-Demand)

The brand new M.Sc. Sustainability Management provides young professionals from any sector with cutting-edge knowledge to meet the challenges of clima...

Info Session and Sample Lecture - "Pricing for Information Goods" (On-Demand)

The Full-Time MBA Digitalization & Industrial Change at RWTH Business School is the ideal foundation for anyone aspiring to a management position ...

Info Session - The Full-Time MBA For Technology Enthusiasts (On-Demand)

The Full-Time MBA Digitalization & Industrial Change at RWTH Business School is the ideal foundation for anyone aspiring to a management position ...

Info Session and Sample Lecture - "Optimization Models" (On-Demand)

Get to know our M. Sc. Data Analytics and Decision Science in this recording of the sample lecture on "Optimization Models" by Prof. Dr. Marco Lübbeck...

Part-Time Master's in Management & Engineering: Course Structure & Study-Work-Life Balance (on-demand)

Discover the secrets to balancing work, life, and study in this info-session! We will explore course organization strategies within the curriculum of ...

Meet Janina - M.Sc. Management & Engineering (part-time) (On-Demand)

Janina Malmus is Junior System Engineer / Junior Technical Project Manager at ESG Elektroniksystem- und Logistik GmbH (Germany). In October 2022, she...

Studying in Germany´s Top Tech-Location: Why Aachen Stands Out in European Education (on-demand)

Hello, Ciao, Bonjour, Cześć, Hej, Europe offers so many exciting places to study. If you consider doing a masters degree abroad, Aachen - a German tow...