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Studying part-time beside the job, commiting to your studies as well as to your work – does this work out? It does for Taulant Abazi, Site Lead at Celonis & founder of geekosova. Let him tell you how our M.Sc. Management & Engineering in Technology, Innovation, Marketing & Entrepreneurship offers him the ideal foundation for his leadership roles, what he likes about the program and what he learned so far.

Author: RWTH Business School
Published: 16.03.2022
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A part-time student reports...

Why did you decide for the program?

The MME TIME program at RWTH Business School provides all the fundamental content for the foundation of my future endeavors. In Kosova, I am part of the local start-up community, where we learned about Entrepreneurship on LinkedIn and YouTube. At RWTH, I am able to understand the scientific background of my every day problems in depth for both – managerial topics as well as technological topics.

What do you like the most about it?

The program allows for a lot of flexibility, while remaining very engaging. The concept of preparing for scheduled classes by case studies, group work and pre-recorded modules of the respective professor secures a great outcome regarding my learnings. Also the network of students is fantastic. I encountered a lot of like-minded professionals, who joined this program for the same reasons as I did.

How is it like to study the program part-time next to your job?

It is challenging for sure. But it gives you the feeling that it is worth the challenge, hence my motivation is staying at a high level. Usually I need to invest one day of the weekend into the preparation for next week. But this can be easily done while at the beach, in the mountains or in my favorite coffee place in downtown Prishtina.

What did you learn (so far) during the program, which is important to be professionally and personally successful?

I would say that my biggest learning of the 1st semester is the elucidation of leadership buzzwords such as strategy, innovation or entrepreneurship. Everybody uses these words. Today for example: I’m capable of scientifically explaining entrepreneurship and why most of the start-ups are predetermined to fail. Here is a hint: Wrong problem-solution fit.

What was your greatest challenge?

To register on time for the upcoming exams.

Jokes aside! I had to speed up my skills regarding time management. If not planned correctly, you could catch yourself on Monday evening looking at a full schedule at work as well as two modules (to be watched), two case studies (to be read) & two papers (to be delivered) before the respective live session on Wednesday or Thursday.

What does the program mean for you and your future?

It actually is setting the foundation for my endeavors in leadership roles. I have been working in managerial roles since 2019, but I was always feeling that I’m missing fundamental knowledge when it comes to certain buzzwords. Being now able to fully layout a strategy with all required aspects, as well as following entrepreneurial principles by choice gives me confidence when thinking about my next steps.

What should future students know about the program?

If you have the feeling that you can do more, but you do not know how, this program is right for you! Whatever it is, within the corporation that you’re working at currently or within your own business, which you’re planning on starting but never knew how. This program gives you all the necessary tools to grow professionally and personally into the direction you choose.

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