Student talk | Mauricio Duran Baker

An interview with Mauricio Duran Baker from Mexico, a student of our M.Sc. Management & Engineering in Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Marketing.

Author: RWTH Business School
Published: 26.07.2018
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Student Talk

Why did you decide for the MME TIME program from RWTH Business School?

At the beginning I was thinking of doing an MBA, but I didn’t really want to entirely leave my engineering background. Then I found this program introducing an excellent combination of management and engineering. Besides, I’ve been in Germany before as I did an exchange program during my bachelor degree and this is when I first heard about the excellent reputation RWTH Aachen University has.

 What do you like the most about the MME TIME program?

I really like that this program doesn’t just offer the traditional business school lectures but it also includes more contemporary and relevant topics such as Innovation and Entrepreneurship. I also like the “flipped classroom” teaching method which enables the lectures to be way more dynamic and efficient.

How is it like living in Aachen or in Germany in general?

I really enjoy the city vibe. Since a big percentage of the inhabitants are students there’s always something going on. Its geographical situation is very convenient because it’s situated right at the border to Belgium and the Netherlands making weekend travels so easy. I love that everything is in walking distance and there’s no need to have a car to commute.

What did you learn (so far)?

I consider that so far the program has given me a different mindset that has expanded my vision for my future ventures. It has also given me a handful set of tools that will be very useful when performing my future job tasks.

What does the MME TIME program mean for you and your future?

I think that the whole idea of getting a master’s degree is of course on the one hand to develop myself professionally, that I consider it will be a booster for my career. On the other hand, I consider this a life experience that I will never forget.

What should future students know about the MME TIME program?

This program offers a lot of flexibility (residential or part time mode, technology or more management focus). So if they haven’t made up their minds because they don’t know yet on which competences to focus or because they are working and don’t want to leave the company, I would still encourage them to apply to this program and all of these questions will be clarified in the process.

Describe the MME TIME program in one word!


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