Student talk | Su Min Yang

An interview with Su Min Yang from Korea, a part-time student of our M.Sc. Management & Engineering in Technology, Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Marketing.

Author: RWTH Business School
Published: 08.06.2018
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Student Talk

Why did you decide for the MME TIME program from RWTH Business School?

The program is unique in a way that unlike other management related master’s programs, it is solely dedicated to students like me who have a background in a STEM field. Knowing that I’ve already obtained my technical skills and knowledge from the past experience, I felt the necessity to gain the managerial skills to build profitable business models. Still holding onto what I love to do, but wanting to advance my knowledge in management, I needed an unconventional master’s program that not only offers flexibility but also intensive lectures taught by excellent faculties and renowned professors. I strongly believed the combination of the prestige of RWTH Aachen University with the award-winning program’s unique individual-oriented approach would fulfill all the aspects that I required at this stage of my career.

What do you like the most about the MME TIME program?

The most important criteria I looked for were the possibilities of customization and individualization. As a part-time student, I am highly satisfied with the flexibility that the MME TIME program provides me with. However, this certainly doesn’t mean that the modules are easy-going and all forgiving. You need to work hard to digest the topics and put a lot of effort into it both individually and as a group. At the end, you are learning and gaining a lot, not only from the lectures and discussions, but also from many other aspects.

For those who seek to be a true global leader, this program would be highly suitable. You learn from your peers who are all engineers but from different fields of engineering from all over the world. By working with them, you learn from each other’s different cultures, working styles, new perspectives, various experiences etc.. Also, because we all have never officially studied Business Administrative topics, we understand each other and count on each other. I feel like it’s a privilege to get to know and to work with some highly motivated classmates from various technical industries.

How is it like to study the program as a part-time learner next to your job?

To be frankly speaking, it is not that easy to study the program next to my job. Of course, it will depend on the duration time one sets for oneself, but one should not underestimate the workload for each module. If you are a self-motivated person with very good time management skills and are willing to dedicate your after-work time and weekends for your own personal development, it wouldn’t be an issue. What I want to say is, that it is do-able, just like how our fellow part-time learners are making it through, but it definitely requires strong commitment and self-discipline.

However, again, with the flexibility that the program provides us with, one can adjust the schedule according to their needs. It would be important for the person to know their capabilities and their levels of motivation/passion to drive through the program with success.

What did you learn (so far)?

Personally, I’m learning a great deal of time management and virtual communication skills. It is tough to try to do everything well. I’ve developed the skills on how to work efficiently, plan thoroughly and prioritize things. Also, I’ve learned how to react smartly against spontaneous occasions.

Professionally, I feel more related to work. I see things in bigger pictures. In simple words, I better understand how the company operates and notice more opportunities not only within my job but also in other roles and departments.

What has been your greatest challenge?

Due to the spontaneous changes that can happen at work, even if I do my best to plan and schedule everything thoroughly, there are some times when I’m not able to commit to them. This will not happen as often if you are a full-timer. However, I also take this as a learning lesson to cope with uncertainties or unexpected occasions at best. I’m trying my best to think as positively as possible and to make the best out of everything.

 What does the MME TIME program mean for you and your future?

The MME TIME program is a door that I’ve entered to obtain both theoretical and practical views on the business world. I hope it helps me to develop my role in a company not as a “Technical Expert” but as a “Global T-shaped Generalist”.

What should future students know about the MME TIME program?

Make sure to be prepared for hard-core studying. Be open minded and excited for learning completely new and different things from STEM subjects. The more devoted and committed you are the more you will get out of the program. All the possibilities are there. What the program offers itself is like puzzle pieces. It will be solely up to you, how you want to shape yourself inside the program and to create a masterpiece of yourself with the given ingredients.

I believe once I’m done with the program, I will have more insights into the business world. The more you know the more opportunities lie ahead of you. Time to become a valuable T-shaped person in your company!

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