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Please browse our extensive range of scholarships and apply today to give your educational path at RWTH Business School a decisive step forward. Open up new opportunities and shape your future with a scholarship from RWTH Business School!

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The RWTH Business School Excellence Scholarship of 6.000 € is awarded to particularly outstanding candidates who convince us holistically – with their academic achievements, their professional and social commitment, and their motivation. The scholarship recipients are exclusively selected by the admission team; an application is not possible.

RWTH Business School fosters promising candidates based on their commitment to their studies. Applicants who have an outstanding academic background are therefore rewarded with an Academic Performance Scholarship of 4.000 €.

Our programs focus on developing entrepreneurs who are able to turn new technologies into viable and socially responsible business models. Therefore, we promote candidates with creative and solution-oriented thinking who have learned to seize opportunities, master challenges, and take responsibility with a 4.000 € scholarship. Decisiveness, a continuous willingness to learn, and resilience are additional qualities we value.

We seek to support ambitious women on their way to fulfilling their career goals and thus foster diversity in our programs as well as in the industry with our Women in Tech Scholarship. The scholarship of 4.000 € is awarded to outstanding women with academic and/or professional excellence or strong social commitment.

In addition to academic achievement, we also place great value on social commitment. This can be expressed, for example, through volunteering, involvement in student initiatives, or working on solutions that benefit society. We support positive contributions to social change with a 4.000 € scholarship.

Exclusively for applicants of the M.Sc. Sustainability Management we reward sustainable thinking and acting with this scholarship of 4.000 €. Applicants can qualify themselves by, for example, an engagement in politics, sustainability initiatives, social institutions or other promotional measures of a sustainable society and economy.

RWTH Business School, in cooperation with VDI Nachrichten, is offering a scholarship exclusively for part-time students (of the Executive MBA Technology Management or M.Sc. Management & Engineering in Technology, Innovation, Marketing & Entrepreneurship | part-time program). The scholarship is aimed at applicants with an engineering background and amounts to 5.000 € in each case.

RWTH Business School offers a scholarship in cooperation with e-fellows. The scholarship is exclusively for e-fellows or alumni and amounts to 4.000 €. Further information can be found here.

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Please submit your complete scholarship application online together with your application. We will then assess your provided documents and award the scholarships to the best applicants. (Please note that the committee’s decision will be final and is not subject to legal recourse.)

Download Scholarship Application Form