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Asking Roney Mathew

RWTH Business School: Why did you decide for the DDS program from RWTH Business School?

Roney: I was witnessing the influence of digitization everywhere in the industry and quite evidently at my work place. I wanted to be a part of this change and the DDS program was exactly matching the requirements I was looking for in a course which would help me gain the necessary skills.

RWTH Business School: What do you like the most about the DDS program?

Roney: Mostly how the course is very industry relevant and the topics are very much trending job skills. I also like the practical application oriented course structure and how it is a right blend of management and technical courses.

RWTH Business School: How is it like living in Aachen or in Germany in general?

Roney: Aachen is a fun city with a lot of students and a diverse environment. There are a lot of events, activities and student clubs. There’s a chance for everyone to get engaged in the things they love to do; be it anything.

RWTH Business School: What did you learn (so far) during the DDS program, which is important to be professionally and personally successful?

Roney: One important thing that I learnd apart from the technical skills, is the power of networking in professional circles. Events like Innovative Tuesday offered by the RWTH Business School bridge the gap between industry and students. I’ve gained an impression of what the industry expects and how to network with industry professionals.

RWTH Business School: What has been your greatest challenge?

Roney: My greatest challenge was adapting to a new city and getting settled in the first few months. With regards to the course, it was my lack of sufficient experience with programming and the great deal of self-studying I had to do to overcome it.

RWTH Business School: What does the DDS program mean for you and your future?

Roney: The DDS program for me is a way to gain the best from a techno-management course for my Master’s and leverage my managerial aspirations while gaining the best knowledge of cutting edge technology.

RWTH Business School: What should future students know about the DDS program? / What is your advice to those interested in the DDS program?

Roney: It is advised that the future students should understand clearly that the program is not like any other Data Science program and it trains you not to be a Data Scientist. It trains you on a higher level – to be a decision maker and to act as a bridge between the top level management and the ‘techies’.

RWTH Business School: Describe the DDS program in one word!

Roney: Futuristic.

For more information about our M.Sc. Data Analytics and Decision Science (DDS) at Germany’s leading technical University RWTH Aachen please follow this link.

Studierender Roney Mathew im Portrait

Roney, 24
from India, with working
experience at Caterpillar,
wanted to be part of
the ongoing
technological change