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Asking Channpreet Kaur

RWTH Business School: Why did you decide for the MME TIME program from RWTH Business School?

Channpreet: After having worked for MNCs TATA and Morgan Stanley, I knew I wanted to study Business and get a complete knowledge of how companies came into being and operated. That said, I did not want to divert myself completely from my technical background. So I began to search for courses which allowed me to do both. That is when I stumbled upon the MME TIME and also got a high rating for it from a friend who was already enrolled in it. I did extensive research but what this program offers is truly unique. Technology, Innovation, Marketing and Entrepreneurship rolled into one within a highly qualified faculty is a cocktail mix I would never trade off for anything else. Not to forget the Cambridge Ecosystem Practicum which I’m looking forward to!

RWTH Business School: What do you like the most about the MME TIME program?

Channpreet: The fact that the program in addition to offering such amazing courses is flexible to accommodate your job or internship and even gives you the freedom to take up the courses according to your comfort level is really good. Through this you can make sure that you’re actually learning things and applying them rather than just cramming up lessons for the exams.

RWTH Business School: How is it like living in Aachen or in Germany in general?

Channpreet: Germany is the land of efficiency and you truly feel that in everyday life. From my experience so far, especially in Aachen, there are a lot of international students so the language barrier is not severe. Almost everyone speaks English and even if they don’t they’re always ready to help you out if you ask. However, I do recommend taking German classes so that you get familiar to the culture and it just makes living, socializing and navigating easier. Also, it’s a great opportunity to learn a new language which will add to your profile while looking for a job. Germany also has some of the best places to visit as well as neighboring countries. Aachen is at a prime location sharing borders with 3 countries and needless to say, is perfect for students!

RWTH Business School: What did you learn (so far) during the MME TIME program, which is important to be professionally and personally successful?

Channpreet: I can say that in just 5 months, I feel the impact of the MME TIME program on my overall personality. I am beginning to look at problems in a different way, finding out the root cause and tackling it step by step, so to say. It has definitely given a direction to my thought process and developed my analytical thinking which gives me confidence to tackle any industry’s problems. Recently we worked on a pharmaceutical company’s project for one of the subjects, AIP, and although we did not have any knowledge about this industry, we were able to provide them with solutions which they highly appreciated, which is going to be your job anyway – tackling new problems on a regular basis and this program prepares you for that very well. On a personal level, my time management skills have become much better.

RWTH Business School: What has been your greatest challenge?

Channpreet: The initial 2 months were quite a challenge because of a new place and a new culture along with a different kind of coursework. I would say the challenge was to learn how to manage settling in a new place and balancing the course work. After you get used to it things become easier. It is important to come prepared in your mind that it is going to take some time to acclimatize. Transition is always hard but after that it’s smooth sailing!

RWTH Business School: What does the MME TIME program mean for you and your future?

Channpreet: I feel like the MME TIME program will equip me with the right tools to navigate myself in the managerial role. Since it covers the aspects of Technology, Innovation, Marketing and Entrepreneurship, it basically touches all the major aspects of the firms to provide me with an overview and that allows me to choose the area I would like to specialize in. Very few programs give you the freedom to do that and so I feel it is one of my best decisions so far.

RWTH Business School: What should future students know about the MME TIME program? / What is your advice to those interested in the MME TIME program?

Channpreet: I feel it is important to ask yourself where you see yourself 10 years down the line before taking up this program. By that I mean a general idea of course. The reason is that the course is demanding and if you like studying these topics, they will keep you engaged and train you very well but if not, it will render your coming here or signing up for this program not so fruitful. It is essential that you have an open mind because you will be working with people from all over the world during and after this program and learning a lot from them. Also, give yourself some buffer time to get used to the new surroundings, so self-motivation is a must-have. Other than that, you’ll be changing your life for good by taking up the MME TIME.

RWTH Business School: Describe the MME TIME program in one word!

Channpreet: Stupendofantabulouslyfantastical!

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Portrait Channpreet Kaur

Channpreet, 25
from India,
two years working experience
at Tata Consultancy Services