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Asking Ana Maria Aristizabal Restrepo

RWTH Business School: Why did you decide for the MME TIME program from RWTH Business School?

Ana Maria: When I was looking for a Master degree I had two main criteria in mind: (1) join one of the top universities in Europe and (2) find a program that combines Business and Engineering. The MME TIME offered the perfect combination. RWTH Aachen University is one of the most important universities in Germany and it is internationally known for its excellent academic level. The MME TIME also has a partnership with Cambridge University which was very appealing to me.

RWTH Business School: What do you like the most about the MME TIME program?

Ana Maria: From the MME TIME what I liked the most was the blended learning mode. Before the classes, we had the opportunity to learn the theory through videos made by the professors. In class we used the time to solve doubts and to perform practical exercises that reinforced the concepts. This was great as I felt that the time together with the professors was used in the most beneficial way for us.

RWTH Business School: How is it like living in Aachen or in Germany in general?

Ana Maria: Aachen is a very nice student city full of history. What I liked the most about the city is that you have everything in walking distance. It is also located in the middle of Europe which allows you to easily visit other countries.

Germany is a world leader in technology, engineering and innovation, full of academic and professional opportunities. I feel privileged to have studied and worked here! I really appreciate the mindset of the Germans, frank and always striving for excellence and quality.

RWTH Business School: What did you learn (so far) during the MME TIME program, which is important to be professionally and personally successful?

Ana Maria: There were many important learnings that I will take with me from the program but I would say that the most relevant is the continuous need to reinvent yourself and innovate before someone else does it. Innovation is not an easy journey, but it is the only way to remain relevant and competitive. It is very important to always be aware of your surroundings, to try things and never be afraid to fail. In the end only the ones who persevere achieve success.

RWTH Business School: What has been your greatest challenge?

Ana Maria: I would say that I had two main challenges since I came to Aachen. The first one was to find accommodation and the second one was not to be able to speak a single word of German when I arrived. But as with all challenges after persevering I found a really nice place to live in Aachen and I took German classes at the University. My German level still needs improvement but I have learned the basics.

RWTH Business School: What does the MME TIME program mean for you and your future?

Ana Maria: The MME TIME provided me with tools and knowledge to understand how businesses and entrepreneurs are responding to the opportunities and challenges of our connected and fast-changing world. I am therefore better equipped from a business and technical perspective to contribute to this important journey in any industry I decide to work for in the future.

RWTH Business School: What should future students know about the MME TIME program? / What is your advice to those interested in the MME TIME program?

Ana Maria: The MME TIME will equip you with the right tools in Management and Business and at the same time will give you the opportunity to gain new technical knowledge.

The flexibility of the program grants you the freedom to explore new professional opportunities in Europe while still pursuing your studies. While the program is not in German, learning the language will for sure open you more doors, so if you have the chance, learn the basics before coming to Aachen.

RWTH Business School: Describe the MME TIME program in one word!

Ana Maria: Innovative.

For more information about our award-winning blended-learning M.Sc. Management & Engineering in Technology, Innovation, Marketing and Entrepreneurship (MME TIME) at Germany’s leading technical university RWTH Aachen please follow this link:

Portrait Ana Maria Aristizabal Restrepo

Ana, 31
from Columbia,
studied the program
together with her husband,
successfully finished the program,
and found a full-time job
immediately at ASML