Master of Science

At the intersection of management and technology.

Our English-taught Master programs are located at the interface of management and technology and are distinguished by academic excellence, innovative learning methods and a high degree of practical relevance.

At RWTH Business School you can experience education made in Germany and sample the best of technology management and state-of-the-art engineering knowledge. Our programs have been carefully designed to equip ambitious professionals with the distinct set of skills needed to succeed in a digitized and globalized economy.

The teaching concept integrates dynamic lectures, interactive lecturer-participant discussions and concrete case studies in changing small groups – with the aim to equip you with an integrated understanding of management, engineering, and technology that will help you to become a future technology leader. The combination of management basics and a large selection of elective technical subjects enables an individual orientation of the program, adapted to the needs of students and companies.

Additionally, the high relevance of our programs attracts talented participants from around the world with a wide range of professional backgrounds which offers you the possibility to build a vibrant network that will last for a lifetime.

"Meeting talented people from a wide age range and from different backgrounds is one of the most profound experiences and broadened my horizon. The small study groups intensify the learning process as we not only gain knowledge from the professors but also from our peers which I highly value."

- Shruti Manivannan | Student| M.Sc. Data Analytics & Decision Science

RWTH Piktogramm Glühlampe

Management & Engineering
Technology, Innovation, Marketing & Entrepreneurship

RWTH Piktogramm Glühlampe

Data Analytics &
Decision Science