M.Sc. Management and Engineering in Technology, Innovation, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

The M.Sc. Management and Engineering in Technology, Innovation, Marketing and Entrepreneurship is an award-winning interdisciplinary Master of Science (M.Sc., RWTH Aachen University) that combines the best of on-campus and digital education in Aachen and Cambridge. It provides you with the opportunity to tailor the program and its duration to your needs and interests.


What is the difference between an MBA and an MME?

The MBA program focuses more on the business development perspective. The MME program bridges the gap between technical expertise and business perspective. Our educational approach aims to equip you with an integrated understanding of management, engineering, and technology that will help you to become a technology leader – either in a managerial or entrepreneurial role.

What is the Cambridge Ecosystem Practicum?

The Cambridge Ecosystem Practicum is one module within the management electives. The Practicum focuses on a project work throughout the entire summer semester and includes a one-week training course on-site in Cambridge, UK at the beginning of the semester. The one-week training course consists of lectures and workshops on innovation systems. You will also have the opportunity to visit some companies in the Silicon Fes. The accommodation during this period in Cambridge is already covered by your study fees. But you will have to cover visa and flight expenses by yourself, as it is an elective course.

How often do I have to travel to Cambridge during this course? Are travelling and accommodation expenses covered by the study fees?

If you choose the Cambridge Ecosystem Practicum as an elective, you will have to travel to Cambridge, UK once for a one-week training course. You will not have to pay any additional fees for the course and accommodation, but you will have to cover your visa and travelling expenses on your own.

When does the Management boot camp at RWTH Business School start? Is it necessary to attend this course?

The boot camp will be held before the start of the semester. It is a MOOC, so you can do it completely online from home. This is a compulsory course for those students who lack management basics and it will help them to prepare for the more advanced management courses. You will be notified in your admission letter if you need to complete the boot camp or not.

What is the ‘blended learning program’?

Blended-learning is a mixture of online and offline study methods. In this program, you will have various opportunities and formats to collect your credit points. Some of the study methods used in the MME TIME program are online lectures, summer schools, on-campus lectures etc.

If I choose to do the entire program from home and part-time - what would be the ideal period to complete the program under these circumstances?

If you opt to do the program from home and part-time, you can comfortably complete it in six semesters (three years). However, you may also complete the program in considerably less time depending on the workload you intend to take up per semester.

Is an internship a compulsory part of the program?

No, an internship is not a compulsory part of the program. However, depending on your plans it may be a good idea to complete an internship during the program. Internships are very common in the German education system. Hence, if you plan to apply for a job in Germany after completing the program, an internship may be a good way to ease your entry into the German labor market and a valuable experience as well.

What are the possible job profiles that an MME TIME graduate can expect?

An MME TIME graduate qualifies for technology or engineering consulting jobs or marketing positions or even the possibility to establish a start-up in any of these fields. International companies are in need for new digital strategies and are hence looking for graduates that have qualifications in both management and technology.

Position Description
Engineering or Management Consulting Responsible for planning and implementing complex consulting projects in technology or management fields
Product Management Responsible for the development of technical products or service systems
Business Development Responsible for the development and implementation of new business models and ideas
Technology and Innovation Management Responsible for the R&D and the strategic innovation process
Technology Marketing and Sales Responsible for the creation of marketing and sales strategies for high-tech products and services
Project Management Supervision and responsibility of complex technical projects
Or become an Entrepreneur Start your own business drawing on your expert knowledge in management and technology

Study Modes (Residential vs. Distance. Full-time vs. Part-time)

What is the difference between the full-time and part-time study mode?

While both modes will lead to the same degree and focus on the areas in management and engineering, the time period in which you complete your studies differs. The full-time mode takes three semesters while the part-time mode takes up to six semesters to complete. The choice between full-time and part-time may depend on your personal commitments in parallel to your studies.

The full-time learning mode gives you the opportunity to entirely concentrate on your studies and enjoy the experience of being a full-time student.

However, if you plan to work full-time during completion of the program, a full-time study mode may be too heavy in terms of work load and you may be better off spreading the work load over more than three semesters. In that case the part-time study mode would fit better by giving you more time to complete your studies. However, in order to be provided with the possibility to study in the part-time mode, you have to meet specific requirements such as a full-time employment or being on maternity leave. The study advisors at RWTH Business School will be happy to help you assess which option is best for you.

Which study mode is preferable – on-campus or distance?

This fully depends on your own preferences. If you want to experience student life in Germany and close-knit study groups to the full extent, then you are probably better off with the on-campus track. That is, most courses will be delivered on-campus in Aachen where you will be spending most of your time. In terms of pedagogy, “traditional” lectures and group discussions will be combined with state-of-the-art digital teaching methods to ensure the best learning experience possible.

If, on the other hand, you do not want to leave your home country and/or your current job in your home country, then the distance learning track may be the better choice. Here, you will be able to complete your degree from your home location (or any location of your choice) with the help of digital teaching methods. This will include video lectures that you can watch at your own pace as well as interactive features such as group projects, group debates, and case study discussions – all completed through and supported by digital media.

However, based on our experience we would assume that most students choosing the full-time study mode will also choose the on-campus learning track.

When do I need to decide on a study mode?

You should decide on your preferred study mode at the day of application in RWTHonline. Our application portal will display both modes: the MME TIME and the MME TIME (part-time). We are glad to offer you advise in order to help you choose which option is best for you.

Important note: During your studies, you have the opportunity to switch from full-time to part-time or vice versa only once.

An important note to Non-European students: Your chosen study mode also defines your visa requirements so you probably do not want to delay that decision for too long.

When do I need to decide on a learning track?

Before the start of each semester you get to decide your preferable learning track for each of your chosen courses. This provides you with a lot of flexibility in creating your personal study plan.

European Credit Transfer System

How many ECTS credit points does the MME TIME course comprise?

The MME TIME comprises 90 ECTS points to be completed in three semesters (full-time) or six semesters (part-time).