Full-Time MBA

Digitalization and Industrial Change

Graduating from our full-time MBA enables you to implement digital technologies in order to reshape processes and organizations. During your studies, you learn to develop new business models and strategies and to improve customer-relationships by using data analytics. You acquire the personal and interpersonal skills to lead digital projects and to guide your teams towards an open-minded, solution-oriented approach, continuously transforming projects and organizations.

Your Benefits

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Close to industry

The campus of RWTH Aachen University, one of Germany’s leading technical universities, with its machine tool laboratories, demo-factories, and agile production labs offers first-hand insights into cutting-edge industrial production technologies.

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Application oriented

The program’s interdisciplinary and problem-oriented approach enables you to transfer your knowledge and skills directly into practice by developing and applying innovative, industry-oriented solutions.

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Focused on your personal development

Based on your personal profile, you will be accompanied in the development of an agile mindset and of your individual leadership skills (in- and outward-oriented) throughout the entire program.

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AACSB accredited

RWTH Aachen University’s School of Business and Economics has been AACSB accredited since 2011, showcasing its adherence to the highest international standards of business education.

Your Aspirations

If you want to develop as a professional and re-enter your career path on another level, our full-time MBA degree with tech focus will be ideal for you, provided:

  • You have a STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) or Business/Economics background, at least 24 months of full-time work experience and are ready to prepare for the next career step
  • You are fascinated by the big technological changes that currently transform industries and societies
  • You are ready to open your mind to welcome and stimulate change
  • You work hard and diligently on methods but have the creativity to adapt them
  • You understand and value different cultures and perspectives

Your Professional Development

Our full-time MBA has been developed to equip aspiring leaders with a distinct set of skills needed to succeed in a digitized economy. After completing the MBA degree program you will have learned the following:

  • How to apply and integrate tech (digital) solutions to create value and to improve processes in companies
  • How to handle data and extract information in a suitable way to further develop value potential opportunities
  • How to formulate organizational strategies and to set up projects linked to digitalization and transformation
  • How to develop the personal skills and the mindset of a leader leading transformation

"My personal vision for the program? A highly agile program in itself, constantly adapting to new scientific findings and insights, driven by lecturers and students who share a passion for using knowledge and technologies to contribute to social value creation."

- Dr. Garnet Kasperk | Co-Academic Director Full-Time MBA

Learning Environment

RWTH Business School is located on RWTH Aachen Campus, one of the most modern research landscapes in Germany and Europe, where more than 360 technology companies research and work together with scientists in thematic clusters. This facilitates the integration of highly relevant and application-oriented research into a unique corporate network.

Due to its unique location in the far west of Germany and in the center of Europe, Aachen is not only a city steeped in history but also a place where different cultures meet and interact on a daily basis. The lively city full of students connects Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium. The cities of Cologne, Maastricht, and Brussels are within easy reach, as are the major European capitals Paris, Luxembourg, and London. Thus, a truly European perspective is omnipresent in Aachen.


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