Academic Facts

What grading system is in use at the RWTH Business School?

Academic performance in individual modules is evaluated with credit points (CP) for an average grade. They are the unit of measure for the amount of time students have to invest to participate in class, prepare homework or group works and write exams. The term and abbreviation European Credit Transfer System or ECTS are often used, although ECTS rather refers to the whole grading system in general. According to this system, one credit point corresponds to an estimated amount of work of about 30 hours. In one semester a student typically gains 30 credit points.

What is the difference between RWTH Business School and RWTH Aachen University?

There is no difference between RWTH Business School and RWTH Aachen University. Instead, RWTH Business School is part of RWTH Aachen University and complements the offer of the university with specialized higher education programs for professionals and executives with at least 12 months of work experience. Our programs are focused on the intersection of management and technology and offer a high degree of practical relevance.

Will I get a degree from RWTH Business School or RWTH Aachen University?

Your degree will be awarded by RWTH Aachen University.

What is the difference between an MBA and the MME?

An MBA is a management degree that covers various areas of Business such as accountancy, marketing, finance, economics, HR, and operations. As such, an MBA program focuses on management education and more on the business development perspective and will not cover engineering, technology and analytical topics in-depth. In contrast, the MME program is designed to bridge the gap between technical expertise and business perspective and to cover both management and engineering topics.

Will I qualify for a PhD program with an M.Sc. degree?

Yes, you will be eligible to apply for a Ph.D. program after finishing one of our Master’s programs.