Prof. Dr. Daniel Wentzel Head of Chair of Marketing RWTH Aachen University

Prof. Dr. Daniel Wentzel has been Professor of Business Administration with a focus on Marketing at RWTH Aachen University since March 2011. Daniel Wentzel graduated from the University of Cologne with a degree in business administration with a focus on marketing, trade and business psychology. He also completed a Master’s degree at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. He received his doctorate from the University of St. Gallen in 2008, where he also habilitated in 2010. Prof. Wentzel has always endeavoured to conduct application-oriented research in dialogue with companies and in recent years has collaborated with companies from various sectors (e.g. automotive, financial services, retail).

The Chair of Marketing (MAR) under the direction of Prof. Dr. Wentzel is part of the Research Area “Technology, Innovation, Marketing & Entrepreneurship” (TIME). The Research Area pursues an ambitious teaching and research program with a clear focus on the conception, development and commercialization of technological innovations. This includes not only elements of economic and business research, but also attempts to build bridges to the engineering and natural sciences.