M.Sc. Data Analytics and Decision Science

The M.Sc. Data Analytics and Decision Science program has been carefully created to equip ambitious professionals with a STEM background with a distinct set of skills needed to succeed in a digitized and globalized economy. Graduates will learn how to combine machine learning and deep learning techniques with mathematical optimization approaches, heuristic algorithms and simulation techniques to create value in specific application areas.

What is the difference between the M.Sc. Data Science offered by RWTH University and the M.Sc. DDS offered by RWTH Business School?

Our M.Sc. DDS is offered in collaboration with the School of Business and Economics, thus having a strong focus on business application. Moreover, our program combines various fields of Data Analytics and Operations Research, enabling a holistic view on Data Science. Since the program is emphasizing applied methods, graduates of the M.Sc. DDS also rather wish to pursue a career in the industry.

Are programming skills required?

Programming skills are not required per se. However, it is certainly beneficial to indicate your programming skills in your application.

Is the internship mandatory?

Although you can choose between studying abroad and an internship, we highly recommend to pursue the internship option. Accordingly, the internship is classified as a mandatory internship.

What are the guidelines for the internship?

The internship lasts at least 14 weeks and needs to be organised by the students themselves. For approval of the internship, the submission of a report and an internship confirmation is obligatory. The report should comprise 15 to 20 pages of continuous text in which the tasks during the internship are described and critically reflected.

How many ECTS credit points does the DDS course comprise?

The DDS comprises 120 ECTS which are completed in four semesters (full-time).