Interdisciplinary research on trend-setting topics.

Right from the onset of RWTH Aachen University’s teaching and research activities, the Economic and Business Sciences have always played a special role. Back in 1870, a Chair of National Economics and Commerce was established. Since its creation in 1986, the independent School of Business and Economics has continued to attract growing numbers of students.

In today’s world, globally relevant research problems can generally only be solved through interdisciplinary collaboration. In acknowledgement of this development, the School of Business and Economics has tailored its profile to incorporate interdisciplinary themes located at the interface between business and economics on the one hand and engineering and natural sciences on the other. As a further consequence, the School of Business and Economics has recently established four Research Areas. Each of these reflects the tightly-meshed research activities within the School and each is also a point of contact for collaboration with other schools, faculties, and centers at RWTH Aachen. This enables business and economics students – from the onset of their studies – to observe problems from diverse perspectives. This approach continues to give the School of Business and Economics at RWTH Aachen University a decisive edge over other business schools.


The School of Business and Economics at RWTH Aachen University is a renowned institution for teaching and for conducting research at one of the leading technological universities in Europe. In its research and teaching, it crosses disciplinary boundaries and integrates insights from engineering and the natural sciences with economic, business, and social issues to help solve the global challenges of tomorrow.


The mission of the School of Business and Economics is to prepare students for a productive and socially responsible career in business and economics and to generate innovative and impactful ideas at the interface of business and industry, society, the natural sciences, and technology.




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