Advisory Services

Dedicated staff members of RWTH Business School provide personalized advisory and counseling services to all program participants. The respective program coordinator gives advice on how best to tailor the course content to individual aspirations and preferences. The career advisor acts as a coach to help participants transform their careers and find the most suitable position. The alumni team, in turn, manages the fascinating network of former program participants and helps them benefit from each other.

Extracurricular Activities

Languages. Program participants benefit from a wide spectrum of extracurricular activities offered within the wider RWTH Aachen ecosystem. Whenever language classes are not formally embedded in a program, participants enrolled at RWTH Aachen University can attend the courses offered by its Language Center.

Sports. The University Sports Center, in turn, organizes qualified sports and exercise courses for the almost 67,400 members of the Aachen universities. More than 90 sports in over 2,000 instructed courses are offered per year. The more than 800 qualified instructors, who are primarily students, work with great enthusiasm, supervise the individual courses, and are happy to offer advice.

Initiatives. Being prepared to help other people, gather practical experience, and be involved in associations or organizations is not only important for our society, but also for shaping participants’ social skills and preparing them for professional life. RWTH Aachen University is full of student initiatives and organizations. The real challenge for participants is choosing between all these different options.

Accommodation Services

RWTH Business School will also assist participants in finding suitable accommodation for the duration of their programs. Whether participants are here for a short stay, for a seminar or a certificate course, or even for a longer stay during a degree program, we are happy to support them in their search for suitable accommodation.

Hotels. Especially for shorter programs, participants can tap into the wide variety of hotels in Aachen. For our seminar and certificate courses we generally offer an on-call block of rooms at favorable university rates. These are retrievable with a keyword provided beforehand. Should these block bookings have already expired, we will assist participants in finding an alternative.

Boarding Houses. The RWTH Boarding House is especially popular among students who, on the one hand, are living on a budget, but, on the other hand, also want to meet like-minded people. One special feature of the boarding house is the shared kitchen, where international recipes are exchanged and lively socializing takes place among the housemates. Places are limited but a number of private boarding houses supplement RWTH’s offerings.

Apartments. For participants planning a longer stay, we recommend renting an apartment so they can feel at home as soon as possible. We are happy to assist our students in finding shared apartments so that they can quickly settle down in their new environment with their roommates. Very often, international friendships are formed that last beyond graduation.

Student Dormitories. The Studierendenwerk is in charge of the student dormitories. To obtain a student apartment, please apply directly through the application portal of the Studierendenwerk Aachen.

A timely application is recommended since demand is high, especially at the beginning of the semester. We also recommend that participants remain flexible as far as their preferred form of accommodation is concerned in order to avoid long waiting periods.