European Perspective

Due to its unique position in the far west of Germany, but also in the very center of Europe, Aachen is not only a city rich in history, but also a place where different cultures meet and interact on a daily basis. Aachen is located in one of the most innovative regions in Europe connecting Germany, the Netherlands, and Belgium. It is in close proximity to the cities of Cologne, Maastricht, and Brussels. Similarly, the major European capitals of Paris, Luxemburg and London are within easy reach. As such, a truly European perspective is omnipresent in Aachen.

Technologically Orientated

Aachen has emerged as one of Europe’s major high-tech locations thanks to close cooperations between its universities, research institutions, companies and the city’s administration. The scientific competence available in Aachen has attracted famous international enterprises and research institutions including Ericsson, Ford, Philips, Takeda Pharma, and Microsoft, and enabled up-and-coming technology companies to successfully place themselves in their business environments competitively. Aachen’s colleges and universities develop cutting-edge technologies for the sunrise industries such as information and telecommunication engineering, plastics engineering, computer science, materials science, and biotechnology and shape the digitization of manufacturing processes in the automotive industry and beyond.

Student Life

With its more than 260,000 inhabitants, Aachen has much to offer in terms of quality of life. The city’s atmosphere is visibly shaped by the more than 50,000 students that attend Aachen’s universities. The large number of students provides Aachen with a vibrant culture, replete with restaurants, cafés, museums and clubs. The increasing number of students who decide to enroll at RWTH Aachen University are testament to what an enjoyable and charming place Aachen is to live in.

Your life in Aachen City