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Asking Peter Yacoub

RWTH Business School: Why did you decide for the DDS program from RWTH Business School?

Peter: Along with the great reputation of RWTH Business School, I believe Data Analytics and Decision Science are going to open unlimited possibilities for my future, because of the combination of the fulfilling applications of Data Science like Healthcare, Climate Change, etc., the enjoyable day to day activities that involve statistics, programming, business, management, etc., and the high demand in the market and in the research community for good people with this domain of knowledge.

RWTH Business School: What do you like the most about the DDS program?

Peter: The thing I like the most about the DDS program is that it is designed in a very industry-oriented way that broadens our horizons and trains us to create value in several application areas like Marketing, Climate Change or Supply Chain.

RWTH Business School: How is it like living in Aachen or in Germany in general?

Peter: Overall I think Aachen is one of the best small cities to live in as a student. Public transportation is great and it is well connected to go to several big cities like Cologne and Düsseldorf, which we do quite often with the help of our semester ticket that covers the whole state. Regarding the weather, there is an urban legend that it rains much more in Aachen than anywhere else. I doubt that it is true, but so far I like the diverse weather from the hot days of summer to the rainy and snowy winter nights. Also I liked Aachen a lot around Christmas time because of its traditions, historical buildings, and the amazing Christmas market.

RWTH Business School: What did you learn (so far) during the DDS program, which is important to be professionally and personally successful?

Peter: So far we have finished the essential courses and learned the academic basis for how to combine machine learning techniques with mathematical optimization approaches to create value in some application areas.

RWTH Business School: What has been your greatest challenge?

Peter: I took a gap of 6 years between my bachelor and master degree, which required some extra effort from my side to refresh my mathematical background.

RWTH Business School: What does the DDS program mean for you and your future?

Peter: I am optimistic that the DDS will help me to reach the combination of a fulfilling, enjoyable, and highly required career, where my skills, knowledge, and experience can help me build my success story and make a positive impact on people’s life while enjoying my daily activities.

RWTH Business School: What should future students know about the DDS program? / What is your advice to those interested in the DDS program?

Peter: I would advise them to be prepared with the needed essentials, pay attention to the extra materials shared by the professors, and come early to enjoy the sunny weather in Aachen and have a calm start.

RWTH Business School: Describe the DDS program in one word!

Peter: Practical.

For more information about our M.Sc. Data Analytics and Decision Science (DDS) at Germany’s leading technical University RWTH Aachen please follow this link.

Portrait Peter Yacoub

Peter, 26
from Egypt, one of
our most experienced
students with 6 years of
professional working