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Studying at RWTH Aachen University offers plenty of great benefits. Not only do you study at one of Europe’s leading technical universities and one of Germany’s universities of excellence, you also profit from the high employer reputation of the university. But there are even more activities at RWTH Aachen University than studying – like engaging yourself in one of the more than 75 student initiatives! Founded by and for students there are initiatives for everyone, whether you are into technology, sports, or culture, if you want to show social engagement, or if you are looking for international exchange. As a student of RWTH Business School, you also enjoy many benefits of RWTH Aachen University. So why not join an initiative that suits you?

International Exchange

Did you know that RWTH Aachen University is distinctly above both national and international averages regarding the number of students from abroad? Nearly a quarter of the university’s student body are international students. By comparison, the international average is 10.8 percent. In our English-taught Master’s programs, there are more than 30 nationalities which is great for getting to know different cultures. If you are looking for even more exchange and cultural experiences the many initiatives focused on international exchange may be a great starting point. The INtercultural Centre of Aachen Students (INCAS e.V.) for example offers events like country evenings, language learning rounds, or pub quizzes to develop a cultural bridge between students from all countries.

Here you can find a list of all student initiatives at RWTH Aachen University sorted by category:

Founding your own student initiative

Do you have another idea or interest that does not fit any of the already existing initiatives? No problem, just look for like-minded people and found your own initiative like the team of Tachyon Hyperloop (Team Tachyon e.V.). It was in fact co-founded by one of our students, Aanand, and includes many motivated students from our English-taught Master’s programs. The group works on the concept of hyperloop and aims to contribute to its development as well as to transfer the research-output to other engineering domains. Hyperloop is ground-based transportation that uses magnetically levitated “pods” in tubes with near-vacuum conditions to propel passengers and cargo at ultra-high speeds (>1000 kmph). Just recently the team secured their first funding by Freunde und Förderer der RWTH Aachen e.V. (ProRWTH). With this, the students are able to build their first prototypes and develop their research and testing facility. They are also prepared to participate in various upcoming European and international competitions including one by SpaceX. A great success story that shows that you can achieve anything with dedication.

© Team Tachyon e.V.

Preparing for professional life by engaging in student initiatives

From A for Aachen Drone Development Initiative (ADDI) to W for Windfänger e.V. the initiatives offer lots of different possibilities to gain some practical experience besides your studies, meet new people, work on your social skills, and prepare for your professional life. Engagement in an initiative is also a great addition to your CV (even though this should not be your main motivation). What are you waiting for?

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