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Together with the Digital Campus Zollverein and the Schmiede Zollverein, we launched the “Digital Expert Zollverein” in 2020. This program offers all members of the Digital Campus Zollverein an application-oriented introduction to modern technologies, e.g. AI, Industry 4.0, and Data Management. For this purpose, both the necessary basics for understanding the technologies are taught, as well as best practices are analyzed and own use cases are identified. A special focus of the course is the immediate transfer of what has been learned to one’s own company.

The goal is to enable participants as digital experts to identify the potential for the use of modern technologies in their own professional environment and to implement these in concrete projects and solutions. An additional bonus is the cross-company network of digital experts at the Digital Campus Zollverein, who support each other with (technical) problems and are constantly in contact.

Methods and technologies – as a Digital Expert, you experience both.

The content is taught by top-class lecturers from research and practice in a mixture of method and technology days. The technology days focus on AI, process automation, and industrial big data and their possible applications. All modules are characterized by a high level of practical relevance. Together with colleagues, participants develop ideas on how technology could be used to add value to the company. The method days provide the necessary tools for realizing these new ideas, such as creativity formats or pitch approaches. Prototypes are developed during the program and the ideas are immediately tested in the participants’ own companies. Upon completion of the program, participants receive an official university certificate from us.

"Successful digital innovations are created precisely when different disciplines and partners come together for curious acquaintance, open exchange and joint development of solutions. The Digital Expert Zollverein program creates a unique space in the heart of the Ruhr area precisely for this purpose."

- Prof. Oliver Salge, PhD, academic director of the program

First run in 2020

The first run of the program started at the end of April 2020 – spontaneously in an online format due to Covid-19. 20 participants from the Digital Campus Zollverein and the Open Grid Europe GmbH (OGE) met every other week on Mondays for interactive online sessions. At the end of the program in September, the participants met again in person and received their certificates in a ceremony. The program was very well received, especially because of its high practical relevance despite being conducted online. So well, in fact, that the second round will start soon!

Zertifikatsübergabe Digital Expert Zollverein
Gruppenfoto mit Abstand der Teilnehmenden des Weiterbildungsprogramms Digital Expert Zollverein

"The participants are part of the growing Digital Expert Zollverein community in the Metropole Ruhr – a network of digitization experts that will not only enrich their own companies, but also contribute to an overarching knowledge transfer. We are very pleased that the Digital Campus Zollverein will provide a platform for this community and drive networking between Digital Experts."

- Susann Kleinhans, Board Member Digital Campus Zollerein e. V.

The network grows with the second run

20 motivated participants from companies in the Digital Campus Zollverein network, such as OGE, e.on, or Stadtwerke Essen, will embark on the Digital Expert Zollverein journey for six months starting April 26. This time, the implementation will be hybrid: While three of the total of six technology days will be offered as webinars, everyone will meet physically for the method days (of course in accordance with the rules then in force) at the UNESCO World Heritage Zollverein. We are already looking forward to the exciting ideas of the participants and the growing network of digital experts!

More information about the Digital Expert Zollverein and membership in the association for your company can be found on the website of the Digital Campus Zollverein.

Would you also like to shape the future and the digital transformation? Are you interested in modern technologies and in exploiting their potential? Then contact us and we will work with you to develop a customized program for your company!