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After 12 months, it’s that time again: Congratulations to the 20 graduates of the second round of the Digital Engineer qualification program!

After completing the tailored training, the participants – as pilots for digital transformation – advise customer companies of the digital service provider T-Systems International GmbH on the development of viable digital solutions and the associated opportunities and challenges. The in-service training program was developed in close cooperation between Prof. Oliver Salge as academic director and “Learning & Development” at T-Systems. It has already been running since 2019, and the third round is currently being planned. For a deeper insight, we spoke with some of the participants about the program and the associated professional and personal developments.

Digital Engineer – “It’s the mix that counts”

The qualification program was also very well received by the participants in the second round. Particularly positive mention was made of the good mix – both in terms of the content and the preparation as well as the participants. Jürgen Weiß, for example, praises the holistic approach of the program, which can do justice to all aspects of digital transformation. This is achieved by combining technological and communication aspects with management methods, as Marco Bösch explains. “The program optimally combines theory, state-of-the-art methods, and practical applications in small groups,” he adds. Andreas Eisenreich describes the mode of the Digital Engineer program – consisting of self-study with selected material, intensive hours with outstanding professors as well as follow-up and consolidation – as very demanding, but ideal for in-service learning.

“The program manages to simultaneously provide a very good overview of the relevant topics of digitization while still addressing many contents from technical, organizational and economic areas in sufficient depth.”

– Friedrich Tafill, Head of Travel, Transport & Logistics, T-Systems International GmbH

Direct integration into everyday work

The direct transferability of the contents to daily tasks is also perceived positively. “The program showed me a lot of new aspects for my professional everyday life and future application, and thus gave me a boost to my further development in a short time,” says Marco Bösch happily. Sabine Bednarzik also takes away a lot for herself: Through the program, she feels more confident to push topics forward, inspire people, and, where possible, take away their fears. Friedrich Tafill has a similar opinion: “For me, the entire Digital Engineer training program was a great personal enrichment.”

“In fact, I am applying a large part of the methods learned while the program is still running. In this respect, my employer and I benefit from the program’s content even before completion.”

– Andreas Eisenreich, Chief Technologist in the Office of the CTO, T-Systems International GmbH

Exchange of experience in the Digital Engineer program – and beyond

Another important plus point is the creation of a network of digital engineers. The diversity of participants makes for an exciting exchange of experiences. “The mix of executives, developers, consultants, IT specialists and salespeople, in particular, is the ‘salt in the soup’,” affirms Sabine Bednarzik. For Marco Bösch, too, the selection of participants based on their broad experience and interests contributes to the excellent added value of the program.

“I was able to see how much potential we have at T-Systems, and I was also able to use this potential for issues in my projects. I was able to solve many challenges or dicey situations in my projects more easily, simply by exchanging ideas with my colleagues.”

– Sabine Bednarzik, Senior Sales Expert Public, T-Systems International GmbH

We offer the final word on the Digital Engineer qualification program to Jürgen Weiß and thank all participants for their positive feedback:

“The Digital Engineer for me was the best and most valuable personal experience I have received in all these years even after several personality trainings. The standard of the MBA level modules has always been very challenging, but has led to a very big realization for me besides the very valuable content: these are the multi-dimensional and strategic roles with which we can write the future! I would like to see many companies adopt this program especially now in the disruptive world, not to just let the future happen, but to actively shape it!”

– Jürgen Weiß, Enterprise Architect, T-Systems International GmbH

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