Learning Experience

The course consists of 5 consecutive days comprising 6 hours of classroom interaction per day. In bilateral lectures as well as individual and group work, students will learn key concepts for designing a qualitative research study, and collecting and analyzing qualitative data. Students will also learn how to critique and deconstruct qualitative research papers. The course is taught in small groups of max. 30 participants. The workload for this course will consist of 30 hours of lecturing and group work and 120 hours additional individual and group preparation. This course equals 5 credit points.

All intensive courses are led by outstanding speakers from RWTH Aachen University and other internationally renowned universities.


Participants are required to have solid command of the English language, basic understanding of social science research practices, willingness to engage in readings for each class session and discussion of those readings in class as well as willingness to engage with the ambiguities of qualitative data. Post-Docs, PhD students and advanced master students are invited to participate in the intensive courses. The course is specifically designed for Ph.D. students interested in conducting and/or evaluating qualitative academic research studies.

Please note: Students of RWTH Aachen University can visit this course free of charge. External participants have to pay €750 for one weekly course and another €600 for any additional intensive course they would like to visit. Please book the courses separately, we will take additionally booked courses into account when issuing your invoice.