Development Opportunities

Your Aspirations

If you want to develop as a professional while pursuing your work or other duties outside university, this flexible distance learning program will be ideal for you, provided:

  • You have a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) background, at least one year of full-time work experience and want to deepen your knowledge of state-of-the-art technologies and innovation and technology management.
  • You are passionate about engineering and technology, but want to move beyond a narrow technical role and towards a leadership position at the intersection of management and technology.
  • You want to learn how to leverage emerging technologies into profitable and sustainable business models that allow you to lead the technological transformation in your industry rather than just following it – either as a manager in an established organization or as an entrepreneur in your own business.
  • You strive for flexibility in learning due to your job, your family, or other duties – but also want to interact with fellow students and instructors to build and extend your professional network.


Our award-wining distance learning program combines rigorous digital education and fascinating residential weeks to provide you with a highly flexible and immersive learning experience.

Your Professional Development

The MME-TIME has been carefully designed to equip ambitious professionals – who have a STEM background such as you – with a distinct set of skills needed to succeed in a digitized and globalized economy. Enrolling in the program will allow you to develop the following:

  • A profound management education focused on innovation, entrepreneurship and marketing that will enable you to acquire the management skills necessary to leverage new technologies and build successful business models around them.
  • Selected technology electives delivered either online or in form of residential weeks on campus, including laser technologies, advanced data analysis or data mining will allow you to experience the best of German engineering and stay abreast of the latest technological developments in your field.
  • Applied projects focusing on real-world managerial or technological challenges will help you put your knowledge into practice and harness the full potential of interdisciplinary thinking.


As a key feature, the distance learning program includes two residential weeks and will take you to Aachen and Cambridge as two of the most dynamic innovation ecosystems.

Your Career Prospects

Completing the MME-TIME program will prepare you for a successful career at the intersection of management and technology. In the program, you will learn how to combine deep technological and managerial knowledge so that you can contribute to solving the grand challenges of our time in a truly interdisciplinary fashion. As a graduate of one of Germany’s most prestigious universities of technology and its innovative business school, you will speak the language of both engineers and managers. This will position you to work at the exciting interface of management and technology.

  • Engineering or Management Consulting: You are responsible for planning and implementing complex consulting projects in technology or management fields.
  • Product Management: You are responsible for the development of technical products or service systems. 
  • Business Development: You are responsible for the development and implementation of new business models and ideas. 
  • Technology and Innovation Management: You are responsible for the R&D and the strategic innovation processes.
  • Technology Marketing and Sales: Your are responsible for the creation of marketing and sales strategies for high-tech products and services. 
  • Project Management: You have the supervision and responsibility of complex technical projects. 

The M.Sc. degree granted by RWTH Aachen University will also enable you to pursue an academic career and continue studying towards a PhD in fields such as technology and innovation management, marketing, or entrepreneurship*.

Whichever path you choose to follow after graduation, our dedicated team of experts in the career and entrepreneurship centers will accompany you on that journey and help you decide how to best realize your ambitions. We seek to place our graduates in global technology blue chips, hidden technology champions, leading technology consultancies and fast-growing technology ventures. The Entrepreneurship Center at RWTH Aachen University also has a long track record of supporting innovative startups by our graduates – between 70 to 100 every year.