Application & Admission


Admission Requirements

Technology Focus
RWTH Business School is looking for applicants who have a background in a technological area and at least a Bachelor’s of Engineering or Science degree in a STEM field (science, technology, engineering and mathematics).

Applicants need:

  • at least 125 credit points in mathematics and/or natural sciences (e.g. physics, chemistry, computer science or similar;
  • a minimum of 15 credit points in the fields of higher mathematics or statistics, database and information systems, programming, algorithms and data structures, complexity theory, quantitative methods/operations research.

There are 3 ways these credit points can be verified:

1. Your degree awarding institution awards ECTS credit points which we can compare immediately; 

2. Your degree awarding institution awards some other form of credit points which can be transformed into ECTS and then checked against the credit points above; 

3. Your degree awarding institution does not award credit points. In order to calculate the ECTS credit point equivalent to your study program, we would need proof of each individual course you have taken: actual sessions (separately for lectures and tutorials/labs/exercise classes) held, as well as the length of the individual sessions held. This can then be transformed in the actual lecture minutes or exercise minutes you have attended for each course or class. These minutes can then be transformed into ECTS credit points equivalents. Please note that lecture or tutorial sessions need to be converted to minutes, i.e. Kindly indicate if an "hour" refers to 60min as opposed to e.g. 45 or 90 min.

Further details are defined in the examination regulations.

Professional Work Experience
Applicants need to have at least 12 months of professional work experience.

Proof of English Proficiency
The program is entirely taught in English. A recognized certificate of proficiency in English is required.

Checklist: Required Documents for Admission

Curriculum Vitae (CV): 
Please provide your latest CV listing your university education, degrees, work experience and responsibilities (English, minimum two pages).

Letter of intent: Please provide a short and compelling statement reflecting your goals, aspirations and expectations as they relate to the DDS program (English, two pages).

University degree certificate and university transcript of records: Please provide a copy of your degree certificate and your transcript of records of your Bachelor’s degree, if possible indicating the number of ECTS credits awarded. Furthermore, if your documents were not issued in English or German, you need to submit a certified translation. Please note that you can apply before you have received your final degree certificate. You will need to present it as part of the formal enrolment process, however.

Two letters of recommendation: Please provide two recommendation letters in English. They can be issued by a university professor/lecturer or by your current or previous employer. There is no standard form or format for the letter of recommendation that needs to be used, but please make sure that each recommendation letter is no longer than two pages and includes the following details:

  • Your relationship to the author,
  • Your academic/professional history,
  • Your qualities/achievements/ambitions in your respective field,
  • Your personal traits and goals,
  • The author’s signature,
  • The institution’s/company’s letter head (if possible) and
  • A stamp of the issuing institution/company (if possible).

Professional work experience: Professional work experience of at least one year at the time of enrolment is required. In order to ensure this, we thus ask for a proof of 6 months by the time of application.
The proof of work experience must include the following details (in English):

  • Complete address and contact details of the company,  
  • Date of joining and, if applicable, resignation date,
  • Weekly hours,
  • Job position and
  • Short description of tasks and responsibilities

English language certification: We accept the following English language certificates:

  • Internet-based TOEFL with a minimum of 90 pts,
  • IELTS (Academic)  test with a minimum overall band, 5.5 pts.,
  • Cambridge Test – Certificate in Advanced English (CAE),
  • First Certificate in English (FCE), completed with a B, and
  • Placement-Test of RWTH Aachen University's language centre (B2).
  • For German applicants: Ein Zeugnis, das englische Sprachkenntnisse auf dem Niveau B2 des "Gemeinsamen europäischen Referenzrahmens (GeR)" ausweist. Dieser Nachweis wird z.B. durch die Vorlage eines deutschen Abiturzeugnisses erbracht, aus dem ersichtlich ist, dass Englisch bis zum Ende der Qualifikationsphase 1 (Jahrgangsstufe 11 bei G8-Abitur, sonst Jahrgangsstufe 12) durchgängig belegt und mit mindestens ausreichenden Leistungen abgeschlossen wurde.

The score reports may not be older than two years by 1 August of the year in which you are applying for the degree course. A copy of the score reports needs to be uploaded to the online application system.
Please note that the proof of English language proficiency is not a mandatory application document. However, it needs to be presented during enrolment. Consequently, you can apply even if you are still waiting to take a language test or to receive the results at the time of applying. Please do not send the original TOEFL or IELTS score sheets to the university (also not via ETS). Please include a scanned copy in your online application and keep the original hard copy.

In case of admission, the original scores have to be presented for enrolment.

English language certificates are not required for nationals or first degree holders from the US, the UK, Canada, Ireland, New Zealand and Australia.

APS (only for Chinese applicants)

Application Process

Please don't hesitate to send us an email at if you have any question about the application process.

The application portal opens in December and will remain open until 1st of March  every year for applicants from outside Europe and until 15th of July for European applicants. 

  • Collect all documents in pdf format from our online checklist.
  • Create an online application account using our our application portal RWTHonline
  • Start of the Course: Wintersemester 2019/2020
  • Type of studies: Master program
  • Intended degree: Master (1-Subject)
  • Degree program: Data Analytics and Decision Science
  • Entrance semester: 1 - Manual admission
  • Form of studies: Consecutive master program
  • Update your personal data. Fields surrounded by a yellow line are mandatory (Place and country of birth, first nationality). The system currently only supports male and female as gender, we apologize for any inconvenience caused.
  • Update your correspondence address
  • Update your permanent home address (unless identical with the correspondence address)
  • Add an academic background or degree program. Note that you will be asked to enter your first major subject. Unfortunately most of the list is still in German.  Also, you are asked to indicate when you have studi
  • ed. Unfortunately the system only knows about German semester times. If your university works on a different schedule. please use the closest approximation. 
  • Follow the online application process further and upload the required documents. 
  • Preview the application and check that everything is correct. (Please upload all the required documents before sending the application!)
  • Complete the online application through "send".

NOTE: Please upload your documents the following way:

  • Proof of professional work experience
  • Transcript of records, incl. Bachelor's degree certificate
  • Course description: scholarship application (application form + exta reference letter) - only upon request we need your module handbook
  • Other proof of performance/assessment: proof of English competence, further certificates
  • CV
  • Motivation letter
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • Translation of submitted documents

In case of missing documents, you can upload and change your documents via the section "show status of the application" (NOTE: magnifying glass, not the editing pen) in the online application portal RWTHonline. 

The current status of your application can be monitored through the same page.

For a detailed description please follow the step-by-step-instruction (from last year).

Receipt & Information

Please wait for confirmation of the receipt of your documents. Please understand that it can take some time until you receive a confirmation email. You do not need to contact us, we will contact you as soon as possible via the email address that you provided in the online application system RWTHonline. 

Admission & Rejection

Letters of rejection/admission will be sent out for each program indvidually. Letters of admission will be sent as an email and simultanesously by regular post. Letters of rejection will be sent by email.

Financing & Scholarships

Tuition Fee

The tuition fee for the entire program is thirty thousand euros which needs to be paid in four instalments. Please also keep in mind the Early Bird discount or consider applying for our RWTH Business School Scholarship as well as external scholarships. 
Additionally, each student has to pay a social contribution fee at RWTH Aachen University, which amounts to around €270 per semester.*

* Students in Germany who are financing their studies on their own might be able to deduct tuition fees from the income tax they pay within Germany.

Living Costs in Germany

Compared to other European countries, living expenses in Germany are relatively low compared to other European countries. That said, sufficient funding will be essential for the success of your studies. International students completing their entire (or part of their) program in Germany must take a variety of costs into consideration. Below we illustrate a typical breakdown of monthly living expenses in Aachen, though of course individual cases may vary.

Rent (incl. heating and electricity)


Food and general expenses


Health Insurance


Compulsory Federal internet, radio and TV fees (“Rundfunkbeitrag” per month/per household)


Mobile phone contact


Internet at home (per household)


Third-party liability insurance





RWTH Business School Scholarship

The RWTH Business School offers several scholarships of €2.500 to be awarded for academic excellence, technology leader- & entrepreneurship as well as social engagement. The scholarships have been designed to support highly qualified students in pursuing the DDS program at the RWTH Business School. 

Application will be possible from 17 January to 1 March 2019 for non-EU applicants and from 16 April until 14 July 2019 for EU applicants.  

Application Requirements:

  • Application form for scholarships 
  • Reference letter from a professor/advisor (max 1 page)

Please submit your scholarship application online together with your DDS application. 

We will then assess your provided performance and award the scholarships to the best applicants. Please note that the committee's decision will be final and is not subject to legal recourse. 

Moreover, please note that the Early Bird discount and the scholarship are incompatible. 

Application Form RWTH Business School Scholarship


There are several scholarship opportuntities available for international students. We highly recommend students to start searching for an appropriate scholarship as soon as possible. Please find some institutions that offer scholarships or search engines for scholarships listed below.

Scholarship Databases

  • DAAD The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) offers a scholarship database with a broad variety of scholarship programmes for international students on its website. Please visit their website to find more information on these programmes.
  • RWTH Database RWTH Aachen University also offers a Scholarship Database

Country-specific scholarships

ALEARG: Argentinian students may apply for this scholarship. This joint program with DAAD supports scholarship holders for up to two years.

ALEPRONA: Peruvian students may apply for this scholarship. This joint program with DAAD supports scholarship holders for up to two years.

BAföG: German students can receive BAföG if they fulfil certain requirements. For more information about the requirements visit here.

Colfuturo: Colombian students can apply for a loan/scholarship from Colfuturo. Study costs are divided in two parts, with Colfuturo covering one half and providing a loan for the other. More information regarding this financing possibility can be found on their website.

Religious scholarships

KAAD: Christian students from emerging or developing countries from Asia, Africa, Latin America, or the Middle East can apply to the KAAD (Catholic Academic Exchange Organization) for a scholarship.

Scholarships from German political parties

(SPD) - Friedrich Ebert Stiftung: Students from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe can be eligible for a scholarship program from the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung. Please check their website to see if you meet the requirements.

(CDU) - Konrad-Adenauer Foundation

(Die Linke) - Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation

Henry Ford Scholarship for women

Henry Ford Scholarship: Female students of mechanical engineering attending RWTH Aachen University are welcome to apply for this scholarship, which offers not only financial aid, but also an intensive support program.

RWTH Aachen Education Fund

All current as well as prospective students at RWTH Aachen University are eligible to apply for this financial assistance. The application period is from June 1 to June 30. The scholarship targets Bachelor’s/Master’s students at RWTH Aachen University with very good results during their studies (within the regular study time). International students are eligible for the “Deutschlandstipendium” part of the scholarship that currently comprises 149 out of 589 scholarships of the education fund. Those scholarships cover €300 per month for one year. If you are interested, please visit the RWTH Aachen University website.

Student loan from KfW

Undergraduate and graduate studies as well as certificate courses, including part-time courses can be financed by this student loan. Accordingly, every degree program offered by the RWTH Business School can be funded. You may request a monthly payments ranging from €100 EUR to €650. The amount can be adapted within this scope for each semester separately. The loan is given independent of income or assets. Security for a loan is not required. However, only German or EU students are eligible.

(FDP) - Friedrich-Naumann Foundation