Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between an MBA and the MME-DDS?

The MBA program focuses more on the business development perspective, the MME program bridges the gap between technical expertise and business perspective. Successful students will be able to work in the field by e.g. implementing prediction optimization models but also understand the business implications of how to create value from data. 


How many ECTS credit points does the MME-DDS course comprise?

The MME-DDS comprises 120 ECTS points to be completed in four semesters (full-time).

There are 3 ways these credit points can be verified:
  1. Your degree awarding institution awards ECTS credit points which we can compare immediately.
  2. Your degree awarding institution awards some other form of credit points which can be transformed into ECTS and then checked against the credit points above
  3. Your degree awarding institution does not award credit points. In order to calculate the ECTS credit points equivalent to your study program, we would need proof of each individual course you have taken: Actual sessions (separately for lectures and tutorials/labs/exercise classes) held, as well as the length of the individual sessions held. This can then be transformed in the actual lecture minutes or exercise minutes you have attended for each course or class and these minutes can then be transformed into ECTS credit point equivalents. Please note that lecture or tutorial sessions need to be converted to minutes, i.e. kindly indicate if an "hour" refers to 60 min as opposed to e.g. 45 or 90 min.
Is a Graduate Management Admissions Test (GMAT) required to enroll in the program?

A GMAT is not required.

I am a non-EU passport holder but have formal approval to live and work in the EU. Which application deadline is relevant for me?

The relevant deadline is 1st of March for all non-EU passport holders. Even if you are legally allowed to live and work in the EU or already live in an EU member state, the same deadline still applies as it is based on your nationality.