Frequently asked questions

RWTH Aachen Business School

What is the difference between RWTH Business School and RWTH Aachen University?

RWTH Aachen is recognized worldwide for its academic excellence, in particular in the fields for engineering and technology. RWTH Business School is a subsidiary of RWTH Aachen University that is focused on the international programs for both international and German students alike. RWTH Business School complements the offer of the University with dedicated programs in higher education (such as the MME-DDS, MME-TIME, etc.), as well as executive education (EMBA) and certificate courses, and it provides organizational and administrative support to international master programs. Professors that teach courses at RWTH Business School are typ ically also professors at RWTH Aachen University.

Will I get a degree from RWTH Business School or RWTH Aachen University?

Your degree will be awarded by RWTH Aachen University.

What is the difference between an MBA and the MME?

An MBA is a management degree that covers various areas of Business such as accountancy, marketing, finance, economics, HR, and operations. As such, an MBA program focuses on management education and will not cover engineering, technology and analytical topics in-depth. The MME programs are designed to cover both management and engineering topics including technology, innovation as well as data analytics and optimization. While the MME TIME mainly focuses on business areas such as marketing, innovation, and strategy, the MME DDS mainly focuses on advanced areas of technology, data science, data analytics, operations research and decision making.

The MBA program focuses more on the business development perspective, the MME program bridges the gap between technical expertise and business perspective.

Will I qualify for a PhD program with an MME degree?

Typically, a total of 300 ECTS credit points are required to be eligible to apply for PhD in Germany or Europe. This includes the credit points from both your Bachelor and Master studies. Bachelor programs usually comprise around 210 ECTS. Hence, with the additional credit points earned in the MME program you be eligible to apply for a PhD. If you do not have enough ECTS points from your Bachelor program, we may work out an individual arrangement to attend additional courses (for an additional fee) and complete the 300 ECTS.

What are my chances on the German job market with a RWTH degree?

The MBA and MME programs prepare you perfectly well for the German and global job market. More than 70% of our graduates have found a position in Germany in less than three months after graduation. The RWTH Aachen is one of the most established universities in Germany and Europe, which is well known among HR specialists because of excellent ranking placements, accreditation, and many successful individual graduates.

RWTH is among the Top 10 of C-Level executives in the DAX companies, including Hilti AG, BMW AG, Bayer AG, Audi AG Porsche AG, Deutsche Bahn AG, and Robert Bosch AG . Find a list of leading executives who have graduated from RWTH here: Liste_von_Angeh%C3%B6rigen_der_RWTH_Aachen

Find here a selection of accreditations and rankings disclosing RWTH Aachen as one of the leading universities worldwide

  • RWTH at rank 29 in THE for engineering and technology
  • RWTH at rank 29 in THE for engineering and technology
  • RWTH at rank 33 in QS University ranking
  • RWTH at rank 27 in employer ranking
  • RWTH at rank 12 in Europe for Operations Research and Statistics in QS University ranking

Moreover, as an RWTH Aachen graduate you are well prepared for an academic career: RWTH Aachen is one of the few universities that are part of the German Excellence Initiative. Find more information here: /?lidx=1



Which companies recruit from your programs?

Our MBA and MME programs prepare you for careers in industry, retail, software, service provision and consulting. Our graduates have been recruited by global leading companies. Some examples of relevant companies are: Continental, Carl Zeiss, Spairliner, McKinsey, P3, P&G, Amazon, Mondelez, Metro etc. Our career service center and our professors will support you finding the right company and position for you!

How will RWTH Business School support me in finding a job?

Our career service center and our professors will support you in finding the right company and position for you! Our offers range from supporting you in shaping your own idea of your ideal job and employer, to the preparation of application documents and the preparation of interviews. This includes the offer of German language courses as a critical element for a career in Germany.

  • Career Services: Our dedicated team of experts in the career centers will support you with your job application, e.g., coaching with resume / CV, cover letter, interviews
  • Networking events (company visits, company presentations at the Business School, case study events organized by companies, career fairs etc.)
  • Entrepreneur Services: The Entrepreneurship Center at RWTH Aachen University also has a long track record of supporting innovative startups by our graduates – between 70 to 100 every year.
  • German Language courses: Learning another language is an important part of a successful career. Becoming proficient in German is also an essential precondition for succeeding on the German job market, both for an internship during your studies or a permanent position thereafter. As part of the program, we offer the option to complete intensive German language courses to broaden your cultural understanding and enhance your career options.


Application Process

As work experience is a pre-requisite for the program: are internships are also considered as work experience?

For the MME programs, internships are considered as valid work experience. To be admitted to the MME programs, you should have an accumulated work experience of at least one year. For the MBA programs, in addition to internships you need to have work experience as traditional employee and/or entrepreneur. To be admitted to the MBA programs, you need to have a minimum of three years of work experience. We review all applications carefully and consider each case independently.

Do the recommendation letters have to be provided by representatives of industry?

Not necessarily, your recommendation letters may also be provided by representatives from academia.

My University courses are taught in English, do I need to provide an English language certificate?

Yes, enrolment in the program is only possible if you can provide an officially recognized certificate such as e.g.

  • Internet-based TOEFL with a minimum of 90 pts,
  • IELTS test with a minimum overall band, 5 pts.,
  • Cambridge Test – Certificate in Advanced English (CAE),
  • First Certificate in English (FCE), completed with a B, and
  • For German applicants: Abiturzeugnis

Please refer to the details of the application process for the program you’re interested in for more Details.

How can I get confirmation that the application documents that I have sent by mail have reached Aachen safely?

We will do an initial evaluation of your application right after we receive it and then you will get a confirmation mail from us regarding the receipt of your documents. In any case you are always welcome to write to us and ask for the status of your application at any time!

When will the final admission decision be made?

The application portal closes on the 1st of March for Non-European applicants and the admissions will be finalized by May/June. For European applicants, the portal will be open till the 15th of July. We strongly encourage you to apply as early as possible as applications are reviewed on a rolling basis.

I have applied for multiple programs in Aachen. If I get admitted to more than one,
is it possible to change programs after I have submitted the participation agreement?

Yes, it is generally possible to change programs. However, a change is only possible until the 31st of May. After that, you will have to pay the first semester tuition fees for your preferred program.

Visa, Housing, Health Insurance, Scholarship, etc.

Does RWTH Aachen support me in finding a flat?

Yes, we support you finding your new home. You can find detailed information on housing for students by clicking on this link:

What are the different scholarship options that are available to potential MME students?

You can find detailed information on the various scholarships available to students on the Scholarship and Application website of the respective program.

Is it possible to apply for multiple scholarships?

Yes, you can apply for as many scholarships as you are eligible for.

When should we start applying for scholarships?

The scholarship process depends on the individual scholarship regulations. Please refer to the webpage of the respective program you are interested in for more details.

Do we need to be physically present in Aachen for writing our Master thesis?

In general, you do not need to be present in Aachen for writing your Master thesis, meaning that you can complete your thesis from home. However, you need to make sure that you are in close contact with your thesis supervisor - depending on the topic and the supervisor different intervals and ways of communications may be suitable. A Master thesis may also – assuming that you find a suitable opportunity – be completed in cooperation with a company, meaning that you will be working part-time at a company and writing you thesis at the same time. However, before you can start such a project, the topic and way how you work and communicate with your supervisor have to be agreed on from both sides.

Can the Master thesis be done in a group?

No, you will need to complete your Master thesis individually.

Living in Aachen, Social Activities

Is it possible to finance the master program partly through corporate programs?

The payment of the study fees is your responsibility. You may reach out to companies to help fund your tuition fees, however, they have to be paid to the RWTH Business School by yourself in the end.

Do we have to pay the social service fee (250 €) along with the first installment of our study fees?

The social service fee has to be paid directly to RWTH Aachen University in October after your enrollment. You do not have to pay this fee along with the first installment of your study fees at RWTH Business School.

What is the average monthly cost of living in Aachen?

The average monthly expenses for a student in Aachen is as follows:

Rent Net: 350€,

Food and general expenses: 300€,

Health Insurance: 90€,

TV and radio fees (per household) 17.50€,

Mobile Phone: 20€,

Internet (per household):20€,

Third party liability insurance: 6€.

That will sum up to a total of 803.50€.

Are enrolled students allowed to work and earn an extra income while living in Aachen?

The different institutes at the University and the companies nearby regularly offer student jobs to the students enrolled in the University. Students are allowed to work for 120 full days or 240 half days in a year. This can help you earn an extra income to cover part of your living expenses.