Executive Master of Business Administration

RWTH Aachen is committed to educating first-class specialists, especially for technology-oriented professions. Our students will become leaders behind the globally recognized phrase, “Quality made in Germany.” With our Executive Master of Business Administration (Executive MBA), at RWTH Business School we offer a comprehensive management training program for experienced executives in technology-oriented industrial companies and service providers who are striving to move up the career ladder.

Development Opportunities

Develop your skills and advance your career! The RWTH Executive MBA offers specialists in all disciplines the opportunity to build on experience gained in their business fields, developing professional management skills in a targeted way and setting day-to-day practice within a larger context. We will help you unlock new possibilities for development; allowing you broader creative freedom to make operational decisions, the confidence to take on greater levels of responsibility and to reach new heights, both in your career and for your business. In this way, you will improve your understanding of complex economic and technological contexts, and learn how to consciously make use of them – both in the market and in your own company. 

Curriculum Description

As a course of postgraduate studies that accompanies a profession, the RWTH Executive Master of Business Administration (MBA) provides management foundations and skills for corporate management and the targeted use of technological developments. In intensive, one-week seminars, with an overall commitment of 90 working days over 20 months, the participants develop a valuable toolset. This enables them to understand and shape all processes along the company's value chain – from strategic business model innovation to corporate financing, HR and production all the way to marketing and sales. The program focuses on the opportunities and challenges arising from new technologies for industrial companies. The program develops concepts such as digital transformation, industry 4.0 and connectivity, exploring how they can be employed practically on the basis of the latest research. 


Learning Experience

Professionals who choose the RWTH Executive MBA meet professors and lecturers at RWTH Aachen University who are at the forefront of the latest technological developments in industry, both through their current research and their business projects. They know that RWTH Business School combines expertise in economic theory with relevant practical applications in an attractive way. And they choose the MBA degree at RWTH Aachen University because it stands for excellence all over the world.

Key Facts

Next year of studies

September 2019 - June 2021 (22 months or 4 semesters)

Application & selection

the application process is taking place constantly 

Postgraduate format

Master’s course of study parallel to employment


RWTH Business School

Scientific Director

Professor Dr. Frank Piller, RWTH Aachen University

Degree course

General Management + Technology-oriented Elective + Personal Development + Exploration + Master Thesis


German with sections in English

Study periods

90 working days distributed to one-week intensive modules over 22 months, no obligation to be at the university outside the week's intensive courses


Aachen and a one week international exploration trip 


Leaders of all areas of expertise in technology companies

Admission requirements

University degree, at least five years of management and budget responsibility


MBA RWTH Aachen University, 90 ECTS 

Quality certification

AACSB and FIBAA accredited

Participation fee

€9,375 per semester (4 semesters) plus approx. €260 RWTH fee per semester (4 semesters)


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