Development Opportunities

Your Aspirations

The RWTH Executive MBA is the right next step if you would like to

  • complement proven practical expertise with the latest state-of-the-art knowledge
  • professionally extend existing management experience
  • expand your area of operational influence and responsibility
  • develop personal skills in the fields of strategy, decision-making, leadership and communication
  • understand current technological trends that have a great impact on a company's future management
  • see deep technological change as more of an opportunity than a risk.

Your Professional Development

Thanks to professional management training, you can look far beyond your own professional horizon. By learning to plan more strategically and to manage people and processes more effectively, you will increase your performance exponentially. Any well-trained specialist who has already demonstrated talent for management and management tasks can enhance their skills by raising systematic methodological expertise to a professional level.

Your Career Prospects

How much more do you earn with an MBA degree? What MBA program produces managers with the highest salaries? These questions are discussed extensively in rankings of international daily newspapers. A smart and experienced manager knows, that salaries depend on so many individual parameters that they should not be the sole basis for deciding on a postgraduate program. At RWTH Aachen University, we define careers through more than salary: by excelling, innovating, managing responsibly and experiencing the creation of something new – regardless of whether the participants are working for a large firm or are running their own small business. The return on the time and financial investment will be much more visible than just salary development. The RWTH Aachen Executive MBA enables you to make the most of yourself: for your character, individual career and your entire company.