Development Opportunities

Your Aspirations

Excellent research needs excellent management, in universities, research facilities and companies alike. While you love science and research and want to continue working in the research world for the long term, you also experience daily managment challenges in your current work environment: complex support programs, temporary research projects, temporary employment contracts; indeed, you always have to bear in mind who will take on the next project and win the competition between the wisest minds. As a scientist, researcher, or employee in a research and development company, you are continually faced with the task of delivering faster, more professional and more efficient results.

The certificate course – RWTH Research Manager – provides a unique qualification profile to face and meet these challenges. You will learn new methods and tools to manage projects, people and processes productively and efficiently. By equipping you with the latest business know-how, we will sharpen your focus on strategic research planning and put your ability to manage research budgets on a solid foundation. Furthermore, by better understanding systematic quality management and consciously organizing innovation processes, you will be able to align existing structures in your own work environment efficiently and effectively.

Your Professional Development

As the strategic importance of third-party funding and research cooperation increases, professional management of research projects becomes all the more essential. Through the RWTH Research Manager program, you will be able to lead complex projects, organizations and interdisciplinary teams in challenging research projects at a national and international level. Working at the interface between research and business requires not only a comprehensive understanding of the whole, but also an integrated combination of expert knowledge and practical competence. In this context, the career profile of a research manager is becoming increasingly important in Germany and Europe. The RWTH Research Manager program at RWTH Business School provides the best possible response to the challenges at the interface between research, commerce and industry:

  • You will gain professional competence in the areas of strategy and innovation management, personnel management, external financing, project controlling, marketing, technology transfer and quality management.
  • The practical group transfer project enables you to apply the content of the course to concrete challenges in real research and business environments and to use the learned methods in a targeted manner.
  • During the postgraduate program, you will develop a network with your fellow participants – employees of various research-oriented institutions – which will help you support each other and reflect upon what you have learned, to better implement it during day-to-day professional work.
  • Personal Coaching will allow you to take stock of your own career situation and develop your social and professional competence, enhancing your personal development at the interface between research, commerce and industry.