Mission Statement

Vision, mission and values of RWTH Business School

The mission statement of RWTH Business School illustrates the goals and the performance profile it wants to offer to employees as well as to business, science, and the public. It also forms the basis for the motivation and identification of all employees of RWTH Business School.


RWTH Business School is an institution dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and to creating an environment that promotes this goal. Central to this institutional commitment is the principle of treating all participants and all employees fairly and with respect, and embracing diversity and inclusion. As an institution for teaching and research at one of Europe’s leading technical universities, we transcend disciplinary boundaries and integrate findings from engineering and the natural sciences with economic and social problem areas to develop approaches to solving the global challenges of the future.

RWTH Business School offers premium, qualified continuing education tailored to the requirements and expectations of our customers and partners. With our market- and future-oriented programs and courses of study, we support and promote professional orientation, retraining, and continuing education. We do this in awareness of our social responsibility for professional qualification and successful integration into the labor market.


RWTH Business School’s mission is to prepare students for productive and socially responsible careers in industry and business or to support participants in advancing their careers and developing innovative and relevant ideas at the interface of business, industry, society, science, and technology. To this end, we at RWTH Business School create an inspiring working and learning environment in which new answers to the most important questions of our time and society as a whole can be found and communicated.


RWTH Business School strives for a high quality of teaching. This is achieved by continuously reviewing and improving the teaching and learning methods practiced, orienting teaching content to the state of the art in research, and regularly evaluating teaching, as well as by providing comprehensive support for students.

We are aware that new impulses for teaching and research, especially in engineering and economics, come from contacts with technical and economic reality. Therefore, we maintain and deepen contacts with the business community through partners and alumni, so that the proximity of RWTH Business School to the business community is consciously maintained as a competitive advantage for application-oriented continuing education through close cooperation.

RWTH Business School stands for equal opportunities, equality, and diversity. We attach great importance to respectful and appreciative interaction with students and participants as well as with employees in order to continue to grow together and to constantly optimize the quality of teaching and work.