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Interview with Prof. Dr. Sven Müller

Could you briefly introduce yourself?

Prof. Müller: Currently, I hold the position of full professor for Business Analytics at the European University Viadrina. Before that I was associated professor for Transport Business Economics at Karlsruhe University of Applied Sciences. I received my masters degree in economic geography from RWTH Aachen University and my PhD in Logistics and Transport Economics from Dresden University of Technology. During my post doc I was with Hamburg University. As you can see, my education and working experience is truly interdisciplinary and scientific as well as applied at the same time. Privately, I love foosball, playing drums, and watching ice hockey.

What is your role at RWTH Business School and the DDS program?

Prof. Müller: In the DDS program, I teach courses related to data analytics. One course is Predictive Modeling. Students learn in depth to analyze disaggregate data, to build tailored models on such data, and to employ these models in forecasting scenarios. In this course I always change between some theory input and hands-on sessions using R-software and real world data sets.

What do you think is special about the DDS program?

Prof. Müller: Data Science and Machine Learning are major buzz words in these days. However, all programs on data analytics I know so far are missing the link to decision science, i.e., the selection of the best possible scenario from all feasible scenarios. That is the main reason why I am so excited about this program: the interface between data analytics and decision science – what is by the way – my main research focus as well.

You want to know more about our M.Sc. Data Analytics and Decision Science (DDS) at Germany’s leading technical University RWTH Aachen? Please follow this link.

Portrait Prof. Dr. Sven Müller round

Prof. Dr. Sven Müller
Professor of Business Administration,
in particular Business Analytics
European University Viadrina