Cloud or Edge computing… What makes Industrial IoT work?

The use of operational data is becoming increasingly important for industry and many companies are already analyzing machine and plant data on industrial PCs using their own software and often compromise on security in order to get the desired “connectivity”. Although this method delivers a great deal of valuable knowledge, it’s resource-intensive, isn’t very scalable and requires frequent manual updates to ensure that everything is always secure and up to date. Cloud or edge? Thanks to Industrial Edge, there’s no question. You can choose whatever you need.

We will be talking about what “Industrial IoT” really is, challenges and how can we make it a reality:

  • Differences between “IoT” and Industrial IoT
  • Safety, security and financial risks of Industrial IoT
  • Edge or cloud computing? – What it is and how it looks
  • How we mitigate those risks without compromising security – Disruptive developments to secure data collection


June 15, 2021


6:00 pm (CET)




Andres G. Guilarte
Global Product Manager
Siemens Mobility GmbH

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