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Innovation Hub 110 – Rethinking public safety and security

Digitization and globalization impose unrivaled challenges on policing, pertaining every branch from patrolling the streets to combatting new and advanced crime phenomena. Therefore, state-of-the-art police work must constantly evolve and adapt while still securing reliability and compliance in a tightly regulated environment. The presentation explains how INNOVATION HUB 110 implements Digital Transformation and enables Innovation in the partly ambiguous field of police work.


December 13,  2022


Entrance: 6:00 PM (CET)
Start of the presentation: 6:30 PM (CET)


INC Invention Center
Campus-Boulevard 30
52074 Aachen


Daniel Becker
Director Innovation HUB 110
INNOVATION HUB 110 Police Hessen

Daniel Becker

About Innovative Tuesday

„Innovative Tuesday“ is a networking format between the local economy, researchers and students in the field of innovation. On a Tuesday evening a month we welcome all those interested in innovation and innovation management online via Zoom or at the INC Invention Center auf dem RWTH Aachen Campus. We are looking for exciting discussions with speakers from business and science as well as other participants from the region of Aachen on various aspects of the topic of technology and innovation management. All events are held in English to promote the exchange even beyond the national border and involve the students of RWTH Business School.

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