Minimum Viable Compay: The path from prototype to profitable company

WhatAVenture has accompanied more than 3000 innovation projects of companies in the last years (e.g. with intrapreneurship programs, as well as with start-up factories etc) and has built up three companies itself (Woodspace, Gleam, Pixofarm). Both founders and start-ups in the corporate world are doing very well up to the point of MVP and into the first investment round (Seeding Stage). However, the next important step happens afterwards and determines the success of a start-up and whether it finds a place in the ecosystem of the market. Franziska Korn will do a deep dive into the transition phase between MVP and business model scaling focusing on the challenges that startups face and the issues they need to address at this stage (from supply chain management to team staffing).


11 August 2020


6:00 pm


Online Session


Franziska Korn
Partner Germany