Actively shaping the energy transition as an H2 Champion

We enable you to develop and implement a hydrogen strategy for your company. To do this, we combine management training with concrete hydrogen projects and provide you with the necessary knowledge and the right tools. Together, we promote the ramp-up of the hydrogen economy and thus the energy transition.

"With our HySchool, we offer an easy and quick way to get started in the hydrogen world."

- Dr. Nils Liesebach | Head of Innovation, OGE

What is the HySchool?

To preserve the environment and the climate, we need a sustainable energy supply. Hydrogen represents a key technology as an energy carrier of the future. As one of the leading gas transporters in Europe and a pioneer in the field of hydrogen, OGE plays a key role here. Together, we have therefore developed the HySchool – a series of advanced training programs to make you and your company fit for the hydrogen ramp-up.

Please note that the program series is offered in German.

H2 Kick Starter

The program series starts with the two-day “H2 Kick Starter”. Renowned lecturers from research and practice teach the basics of the hydrogen economy from a system and technology perspective as well as the associated management perspective. In addition, you will receive a guideline for your own hydrogen strategy.

Our partner

Enabling energy supply in Germany, both today and in the energy mix of the future is only possible with the involvement of OGE. The Essen-based company has the infrastructure to transport natural gas today and green gases, especially hydrogen, in the future. With a pipeline network of around 12,000 km, OGE is one of Europe’s leading transmission system operators and, due to its geographical location, is the link for gas flows in the European internal market. 1,450 employees nationwide ensure safe and customer-oriented gas transport.

Become an H2 champion yourself!