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Timon Burger from OGE in an interview about the "HySchool".

To preserve the environment and the climate, we need a sustainable energy supply. Hydrogen represents a key technology as an energy carrier of the future. As one of the leading gas transporters in Europe and a pioneer in the field of hydrogen, OGE plays a key role here. Together, we have therefore developed the HySchool – a series of advanced training programs to make you and your company fit for the hydrogen ramp-up.

What relevance does hydrogen have for companies?

For us, it is clear: The EU climate protection targets can only be achieved with hydrogen as the energy carrier of the future. This is because only just under one-fifth of final energy consumption in Germany is electrical – the rest comes from molecules such as natural gas. We are therefore dependent on sustainable molecular energy carriers, especially for transport and storage, and are actively promoting the use of green gases. The ramp-up of the hydrogen economy must be implemented quickly to achieve the climate targets, which requires a joint commitment from politics, industry, and energy companies. Hydrogen is therefore teamwork, which is why we want to reach all stakeholders in the future hydrogen ecosystem with the HySchool continuing education program (offered in German) – from municipal utilities to steel manufacturers to H2-enthusiastic individuals.

How does the OGE come into play here?

As a transmission system operator whose infrastructure can be used directly for the transport of hydrogen, OGE automatically assumes a central role in the future landscape of green gas infrastructure. That is why we have made it our mission to become a pioneer in the field of hydrogen. To this end, we are participating in major projects with industry partners, for example, to build the first publicly accessible hydrogen infrastructure.

How did you come up with the idea for HySchool?

In addition to the major infrastructure projects, OGE is also implementing other innovation projects that are conducive to the ramp-up of the entire hydrogen economy. With evety, we have founded a consulting company specifically for the topic of hydrogen to accompany companies on their way to green energy supply. The H2UB links hydrogen startups with research and large companies and in this way gets young business ideas rolling.

Since the job description of H2 technician, H2 engineer, or H2 manager does not currently exist but will be in high demand in many areas in just a few years, we must also address the issue of training and continuing education as a further building block. In order to prevent a shortage of skilled workers at an early stage, we would like to use the HySchool to create a training platform that conveys know-how and awareness of hydrogen issues.

Why is the HySchool program special?

We don’t want to make the topic of hydrogen accessible only to technology specialists but believe that we should address sustainable energy supply in all areas. That’s why our advanced training program starts at the management level and aims to train participants in our program family to become “H2 Champions”, thereby empowering them to drive the hydrogen strategy forward in their company. H2 Champions not only understand the role of hydrogen for the energy transition but also have the right tools from strategic technology and innovation management at their fingertips to implement new technologies successfully and sustainably in the company. This interplay of H2 know-how and management content makes the HySchool a unique continuing education package.

In RWTH Business School, we have found the perfect partner for this, who is not only distinguished by technical expertise from research and teaching but also has experience with modern didactic methods to convey the content in the best possible way. OGE has its finger on the pulse of political and gas industry events and additionally brings this practical relevance into the HySchool events through guest speakers.

How can I participate in the HySchool?

Our first professional development module, the H2 Kick Starter, will take place on February 15-16, 2022. The module forms the cornerstone of the HySchool family of programs and takes you from the basics of the hydrogen economy from a systems and technology perspective to outlining your own hydrogen strategy from an implementation and management perspective. All content and registration information can be found on our website at

Due to the current pandemic situation, the H2 Kick Starter will take place online in February. This will give all participants the opportunity to participate securely and from the comfort of their own home. We are very excited about the first event and are looking forward to all future H2 Champions.

Timon Burger
Trainee Innovation Management
Open Grid Europe GmbH