Financing & Scholarships

How to finance your studies.

Tuition fee

The tuition fee for the entire program is €30,000 (thirty thousand euros) and needs to be paid in four instalments for the DDS program, in three (full-time) or six (part-time) instalments for the MME TIME program and in three instalments for the TENT program.
In addition, each student has to pay a social contribution fee to RWTH Aachen University, which amounts to approximately €280 per semester. Students in Germany who finance their studies themselves might be able to deduct the tuition fee from the taxes they pay within Germany.

Payment regulations for the tuition fees

  • Tuition fees are due on 30 June for the following winter semester and on 31 December for the following summer semester. Students will be informed about the option of quarterly or monthly installments beginning from the second semester.
  • The tuition fees indicated above are valid from winter semester 2019/2020 onwards.

Living expenses

In addition to the tuition and social contribution fee the monthly cost of living must be taken into account. Compared to other European countries, living expenses in Germany are quite reasonable. For most students, however, financial support is essential for the successful completion of their studies. Especially international students who complete all (or part) of their program in Germany have to accept a variety of costs.

Please keep in mind the Early Bird discount or consider applying for our RWTH Business School Scholarship as well as external scholarships.

Breakdown of the average monthly cost of living in Aachen

Rent (incl. heating and electricity) €430.00
Food and general expenses €400.00
Health insurance €95.00
Compulsory fee for the state media authority, radio and TV (“Rundfunkbeitrag” per month/per household) €17.50
Mobile phone contract €20.00
Internet fees (per household) €20.00
Liability insurance €6.00
Total €988.50

Further information on financing can be found here.

Student jobs

International students may work in the private sector during the semester or in the semester break for up to three months without having obtained a work permit. Thus, students may work full-time for 120 days or part-time for 240 days. This regulation is also stated on the residence permit. During the semester, students are allowed to have jobs with working hours of up to 20 hours a week.
Student assistants have more flexibility with regard to working hours.

RWTH Business School Scholarship

The RWTH Business School offers several scholarships of €2,500 to be awarded for academic excellence, technology leader- & entrepreneurship as well as social engagement. The scholarships have been designed to support highly qualified students in pursuing the International Master’s programs at the RWTH Business School.

Application will be possible from 16 January to 1 March 2020 for non-EU applicants and from 15 April until 15 July 2020 for EU applicants. You need to fill out the application form for scholarships and need a reference letter from a professor/advisor (max. 1 page). Please submit your scholarship application online together with your application. We will then assess your provided documents and award the scholarships to the best applicants. Please note that the committee’s decision will be final and is not subject to legal recourse.

Moreover, please note that the Early Bird discount and the scholarship are incompatible.

External scholarship opportunities for applicants

There are several scholarship opportunities available for international students. We highly recommend students to start searching for an appropriate scholarship as soon as possible. Please find institutions that offer scholarships as well as further databases for scholarships listed below.

Scholarship Databases

  • DAAD The DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service) offers a scholarship database with a broad variety of scholarship programmes for international students on its website. Please visit the website to find more information on these programmes.
  • RWTH Database of the RWTH Aachen University also offers a Scholarship Database.

Country-Specific Scholarships

  • ALEARG: Argentinian students may apply for this scholarship. This joint program with DAAD supports scholarship holders for up to two years.
  • ALEPRONA: Peruvian students may apply for this scholarship. This joint program with DAAD supports scholarship holders for up to two years.
  • BAföG: German students can receive BAföG if they fulfil certain requirements. For more information about the requirements visit the website.
  • Colfuturo: Colombian students can apply for a loan/scholarship from Colfuturo. Study costs are divided in two parts, with Colfuturo covering one half and providing a loan for the other. More information regarding this financing possibility can be found on their website.
  • CONACYT: Mexican students can apply for a full or a partial scholarship. This joint programme with the DAAD covers the full tuition fees and gives additional support for monthly living for scholarship holders.
  • Mummert: Students from Bulgaria, Estonia, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Poland, Rumania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, or Hungary may  apply for a “Mummert” scholarship.
  • SENACYT: Students from Panama can apply for this scholarship. This joint programme with the DAAD supports scholarship holders for up to two years.

Religious Scholarships

Scholarships from German Political Parties

RWTH Aachen Education Fund

All current as well as prospective students at RWTH Aachen University are eligible to apply for this financial assistance. The application period is from June 1 to June 30. The scholarship targets Bachelor/Master students at RWTH Aachen University with excellent study results (within the regular period of study). International students are eligible for the “Deutschlandstipendium” part of the scholarship that currently comprises 149 out of 589 scholarships of the education fund. Those scholarships cover €300 per month for one year. If you are interested, please visit the RWTH Aachen University website.

Partial Scholarships/ Study Loans

  • KfW Study Loan: Undergraduate and graduate studies as well as certificate courses, including part-time courses are funded. Accordingly, every degree programme offered by the RWTH Business School can be funded. You may request a monthly payment ranging between €100,00 and €650,00. The amount can be adapted within this scope for each semester seperately. The loan is given independent of income or assets. Security for a loan is not required. However, only German or EU students are eligible. For more information please visit their website.
  • DAAD-STIBET-Matching Funds: This partial scholarship is designed for bachelor/master students who need to work in order to cover their monthly living expenses. This scholarship’s purpose is to relieve these students and to give financial support during examination periods. 10 scholarships of €400,00 each are offered for three months per year.
  • DAAD Scholarship for International Students: The DAAD offers scholarships mainly for postgraduate education and training (doctoral studies, research). Master’s degree students from selected countries may apply for DAAD scholarships. However, the selection process is highly competitive. For detailed information on available funding opportunities for international students, graduates, doctoral candidates, postdocs and lecturers please visit the DAAD Scholarship’s database. The applicants must submit their applications either to the German Embassy in their home country or to a DAAD branch office there.

Support Programmes For Female Students

  • Femtec Career Building prepares female students for their career and future leadership responsibilities, teaches interdisciplinary transferable skills and provides further support after graduation.
  • TANDEM Mentoring Programme has been successfully operated for several years and is offered by the Integration Team, a Rectorate staff unit at RWTH Aachen University. In one-to-one mentoring partnerships, mentees are supported by their mentors in developing their goals and potentials typically for the duration of 1 year to 1 1/2 years. Furthermore, they foster particularly talented female students, Ph.D students, and postdocs on their way to a future leading position.
  • Henry Ford Stipendium promotes female students of mechanical engineering, attending the RWTH Aachen University. They are welcome to apply for this scholarship which offers not only financial support, but also an intensive support programme including a wide variety of trainings.