Costs & Financing

How much is the tuition fee?

The tuition fee varies depending on the program:

  • MME TIME: The tuition fee for the entire program is 30,000 € (thirty thousand euros). It needs to be paid in three (full-time) or six (part-time) installments.
  • DDS: The tuition fee for the entire program is 30,000 € (thirty thousand euros). It needs to be paid in four installments.
  • Full-Time MBA: The tuition fee for the entire program is 30,000 € (thirty thousand euros). It needs to be paid in three installments.
  • Executive MBA: The tuition fee for the entire program is 39,000 € (thirty-nine thousand euros).

In addition, each student has to pay a social contribution fee to RWTH Aachen University, which amounts to approximately 300 € per semester. Students in Germany who finance their studies themselves might be able to deduct the tuition fee from the taxes they pay within Germany.

What are the living expenses in Aachen/Germany?

In addition to the tuition and social contribution fee the monthly cost of living must be taken into account. Compared to other European countries, living expenses in Germany are quite reasonable. For most students, however, financial support is essential for the successful completion of their studies. Especially international students who complete all (or part) of their program in Germany have to accept a variety of costs.

Breakdown of the average monthly cost of living in Aachen:

Rent (incl. heating and electricity) €430.00
Food and general expenses €400.00
Health insurance €95.00
Compulsory fee for the state media authority, radio and TV (“Rundfunkbeitrag” per month/per household) €17.50
Mobile phone contract €20.00
Internet fees (per household) €20.00
Liability insurance €6.00
Total €988.50

Further information on costs of living in Germany and financing can be found here from the DAAD (German Academic Exchange Service. Another detailed overview based on personal experience and research can be found on the blog SimpleGermany.

Can I work while studying?

Yes, international students may work in the private sector during the semester or in the semester break for up to three months without having obtained a work permit. Thus, students may work full-time for 120 days or part-time for 240 days. This regulation is also stated on the residence permit. During the semester, students are allowed to have jobs with working hours of up to 20 hours a week.
Student assistants have more flexibility with regard to working hours.

Is there a school sponsored scholarship or financial aid?

RWTH Business School offers several scholarships in order to promote particularly suitable candidates. You can find more information about our scholarships, the application process as well as external scholarship opportunities here.

Early Bird:
An Early Bird discount of 3,000 € will be granted if the application is received in full by January 15 of each year. If the application is not complete, no Early Bird discount can be granted.

Please note that multiple internal scholarships cannot be combined. Early Bird and internal Scholarship cannot be combined either. However, you can combine and external scholarship with either an Early Bird or an internal scholarship.