One of the centerpieces of our Business School is its location on the RWTH Aachen Campus. Research and teaching in Aachen are first and foremost application-oriented and targeted at finding practical solutions to real-world challenges. Visible evidence of this is the RWTH Aachen Campus, which is being developed in close cooperation with industry and is to form one of the largest research parks in Europe.

RWTH Aachen Campus


The RWTH Aachen Campus creates a unique symbiosis between the world of research and the world of business. On the Campus, interdisciplinary teams of researchers work closely with industry consortia in state-of-the-art buildings that have been explicitly designed and constructed for that purpose. The companies involved share resources with university institutes, exchange knowledge directly on site and collaborate in future-proof innovations. More than 280 companies are currently represented on the RWTH Aachen Campus.


Research activities on the Campus are structured into long-term clusters, with each cluster located in a different building. A total of 16 clusters are under development, the six initial clusters include the Bio-Medical Engineering Cluster, the Sustainable Energy Cluster, the Photonics Cluster, the Production Engineering Cluster, the Heavy-Duty Drives Cluster and the Smart Logistics Cluster.

The Campus project at RWTH Aachen University expands the traditional sphere of pure academic research and provides an ideal environment for innovation. The university will, therefore, be able to face future global challenges on a much broader scale.

All central facilities and most classrooms of the Business School are located on the RWTH Aachen Campus, allowing students to experience the exciting intersection of management and technology first-hand and on a daily basis.