RWTH Aachen University

Established in 1870 as the first Prussian Institute of Technology and soon recognized as Royal Technical University, RWTH Aachen University is proud to build on its long tradition. This tradition serves not only as a strong scientific and academic foundation but also as a commitment to the future: RWTH Aachen University is a place where the future of our industrialized world is thought out. In its founding year of 1870, the academic staff consisted of 32 professors who taught 223 students. Today, RWTH Aachen University is the largest technical university in Germany and has more than 500 full professors who teach more than 44,000 students in 152 programs of study.

RWTH School of Business and Economics

Since its inception, business and economics have played an important role at RWTH Aachen University. In 1870, the year of its foundation, the university established an extraordinary chair for national economics and business management. The School of Business and Economics was founded in 1986 and has been growing ever since. It is increasingly apparent that research questions of global relevance can only be solved through interdisciplinary cooperation. Therefore, the School of Business and Economics focuses on interdisciplinary topics positioned at the interface between management, engineering and natural sciences. As part of this effort, four Research Areas have been established, each of which reflects the strong internal centers of excellence deeply integrated into the wider university. These are:

  1. EME: Energy, Mobility and the Environment
  2. MOE: Managerial and Organizational Economics
  3. ORM: Operations Research and Management
  4. TIME: Technology, Innovation, Marketing and Entrepreneurship

RWTH Business School

In 2016, RWTH Aachen University and the School of Business and Economics founded RWTH Business School to move graduate education to the next level, where management and technology intersect, and to provide graduate degree programs for executives and young professionals that truly focus on interdisciplinary thinking.