A Shared Objective

At RWTH Business School, we strive to help our students become future technology leaders. Our objective is to provide intellectual and thought-provoking experiences at the intersection of management, engineering, and technology. To fulfill this mission, a wide range of academic leaders and experts from management and technology work together to define the School’s overall strategy and to ensure a rewarding and seamless learning experience.

Dean’s Office

The Dean’s Office is responsible for managing RWTH Business School and enables the School to achieve its ambitious mission. As such, it starts and supervises new initiatives at all levels of the School’s operations, oversees the School’s educational programs, and establishes and maintains the School’s relationships with its stakeholders. The Dean’s Office consists of the Dean (an elected member from the faculty of RWTH Aachen’s School of Business and Economics) and two Associate Deans (one elected member from the School of Business and Economics, one from an RWTH Engineering School). Currently, Prof. Frank Piller (Dean), Prof. Malte Brettel (Associate Dean), and Prof. Jörg Feldhusen (Associate Dean) comprise the Dean’s Office.

The Dean and Associate Deans are supported by an Academic Director of Programs (Prof. Torsten Oliver Salge) and an Academic Director of Stakeholder Communications (Prof. Daniel Wentzel) with specific responsibilities for the development of the School’s program portfolio and its relationships with key stakeholders.


Dean: Prof. Frank Piller

Associate Dean: Prof. Malte Brettel

Associate Dean: Jörg Feldhusen

Academic Director of Programs: Prof. Torsten Oliver Salge

Academic Director of Stakeholder Communications: Prof. Daniel Wentzel

Executive Director & Management

The Executive Director is in charge of running the daily operations of the School and ensures that the School’s educational programs are implemented effectively. To achieve these goals, the Executive Director – Dr. Helmut Dinger – is supported by a team of management experts who head functional units of the School such as Programs, Marketing and Sales. The Executive Director and his team of experts are also responsible for developing and implementing attractive student services, ranging from educational counseling and housing services for prospective students to career counseling for our students. Domain-level experts from the School’s holding organization, RWTH International Academy (i.e. RWTH Aachen University’s continuous education unit) support the Business School team on topics like accreditation, quality control, continuous improvement, HR and internal services.

Executive Director: Dr. Helmut Dinger

Chief Operating Officer: Aline Wesner

Marketing Manager: Andrea Kuchenbuch

Study Coordinator: Mandy Bollinger

Study Coordinator: Carina Debeur

Program Manager: Anna Amft

Program Manager: Nicole Schmidt

Steering Committee

The Steering Committee ensures an effective, trustworthy and transparent integration between RWTH Business School and the School of Business and Economics of RWTH Aachen University. The Steering Committee advises the Dean’s Office and Functional Managers on improving existing programs and aligning the School’s activities in both research and teaching. It also mediates conflicts between stakeholders of the School. The Steering Committee currently consists of four members with diverse backgrounds: the Dean of the School of Business and Economics (Prof. Thomas Kittsteiner), the Dean of the Business School (Prof. Frank Piller), a representative of the academic faculty of the School of Business and Economics (Prof. Peter Letmathe), and the Executive Director of the Business School (Dr. Helmut Dinger).

Dean: Prof. Thomas Kittsteiner

Dean: Prof. Frank Piller

Faculty Representative: Prof. Peter Letmathe

Executive Director: Dr. Helmut Dinger

Academic and Corporate Advisory Board

A group of leading experts from academia and the corporate world supports the School in fulfilling its mission. The Advisory Board ensures that the voice of the School’s stakeholders is heard in the School’s decision-making process and advises the Dean’s Office on strategic questions concerning the School’s development. Such questions include the strategic positioning of the School, the development of a corporate network, the selection of academic partners, and the development and implementation of fundraising activities.

The Advisory Board consists of ten members stemming from different backgrounds and includes at least three professors of RWTH Aachen University or other leading universities, at least three representatives from the corporate world and at least three alumni of the School’s degree programs.