The Technological Edge

RWTH Business School’s leitmotif “The Technological Edge” stands for unique graduate and executive education made in Germany, and for outstanding programs at the intersection of management and technology. RWTH Business School provides management education for executives and young professionals and builds on the academic excellence of RWTH Aachen and its School of Business and Economics. Located at the heart of Germany’s leading university of technology, we offer programs that focus on developing technology leaders and entrepreneurs who are able to leverage emerging technologies into viable and socially responsible business models.

Key Facts about RWTH Business School

  • Year Founded: 2016 (first programs offered in 2001)
  • Number of Students: More than 250
  • Percentage of International Students: 60%
  • Number of Degree Programs: 3 (EMBA, MME-TIME, DBA)
  • Number of Certificate Programs: up to 20 different programs
  • Size of Faculty: 60
  • Number of Staff: 8

Key Facts about the School of Business and Economics

  • Year Founded: 1986
  • Number of Students: 7851
  • Number of Degree Programs: 4
  • Number of Professors: 31
  • Number of Academic Staff: 156

Key Facts about RWTH Aachen University

  • Year Founded: 1870
  • Number of Students: 44,517
  • Number International Students: 8556
  • Percentage Female Students: 31.9 %
  • Percentage Male Students: 68.1%
  • Number of Degree Programs: 154
  • Number of Professors: 540
  • Number of Academic Staff: 2000
  • Number of Administrative Staff: 2000
  • Number of Staff through third-party funding: 4000
  • Excellence Initiative: 1 graduate school, 2 clusters of excellence, 1 future concept