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Inspiring insights and unforgettable experiences

One of the many highlights of our MME TIME program is the Cambridge Ecosystem Practicum during which the students have the chance to visit the fourth-oldest university in the world – the University of Cambridge. 47 students seized the opportunity and enjoyed a great time – with inspiring insights and unforgettable experiences.

The one-week training course took place from April 7 – 12 and consisted of lectures and workshops on innovation systems. It is part of the management electives students can select in semesters 2 and 3. The practicum was held at Selwyn College under the supervision of Prof Michael Barrett and Dr Karl Prince from Hughes Hall Digital Innovation Centre, University of Cambridge.

Students of the MME TIME at Cambridge University

Hands-on simulation from the connected car ecosystem

The course included a four day simulation on ecosystem thinking within the connected car context. Students were allocated to different groups, each one representing one actor in the connected car ecosystem. Each group’s goal was to come up with a suitable business model for a service or product by considering the other actors’ influence on the ecosystem. Utilizing an agile approach, each group was asked to look at their product within the ecosystem through the lenses of their role. The different actors had to simulate negotiations amongst each other in order for their products to enter the market. They had to come up with short term, middle term and long term planning at the same time considering regulations which either restricted or facilitated their business ideas. The training conveyed a holistic approach on how ecosystems function and how actors within the ecosystem interact with each other. The groups had to pitch their ideas in front of a jury from the University of Cambridge.

The practical and hands-on simulation was complemented by an on-site visit to St John’s Innovation Centre – Europe’s oldest Innovation Hub. In St. John’s students were introduced to the Cambridge phenomenon including a brief history of its development and the actual work that is delivered in St. John’s.

Training, history and student life in Cambridge

The Cambridge Ecosystem Practicum was a once in a lifetime experience which combined training, history and student life in Cambridge – including traditional punting. Beside the training and a city tour, students stayed in Selwyn College and had the opportunity to attend a formal Cambridge dinner with the professors.

Our students will never forget their experiences in Cambridge – and we are already looking forward to bringing the next cohort. It’s always more than worth it.

More information

For more information about our award-winning blended-learning M.Sc. Management & Engineering in Technology, Innovation, Marketing and Entrepreneurship (MME TIME) delivered in partnership with Cambridge Digital Innovation at the University of Cambridge please follow this link: